Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Day 7 of the 
Buttermilk Basin Summer Blog Hop! 

I am so excited to get to share with you today!! 

 As a kid, summers meant moving for our family. 
I know it sounds crazy...but we moved every summer
 and to me as a kid it always seemed like an adventure!! 

We didn't often get to go to summer camps, 
 but we did spend a lot of time with our immediate family
 getting our new home set up and when we were finished
 we went on camping, fishing, and beach trips. 

Now.... as a NANA I love spending time in the summer with the grandkids!!

A fun summer activity with the kids is having a lemonade stand!! 
I think I probably buy most of it and end up with a belly full of lemonade!! 

My good friend Joy has a lemon tree and when we visit 
we always get to pick fresh lemons and bring them home!! 

There is nothing like Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!!!

Now..... if you are going to a Summer Potluck
 you might want to try these 
BBQ Meatballs!!

My friend shared this recipe with me and it's a new favorite here for sure!! 

It's so fun getting ready for these blog hops!! 
Choosing a recipe...... cooking it up....taking the photos!! 
Then getting to sample the goods!!! 

You know the old saying...
When Life Give you Lemons,,,,Make Lemonade??? 

Well my project is a spin off of that....

When Life Gives you Lemons....SEW!!! 

What's better than that!!
A little stitching can brighten those cloudy summer days!!!

Here is a little Lemon Pincushion
Needle Keeper 
for you to sit on the porch, 
 sip your lemonade, and stitch away!! 

and if you still want to stitch more....make a lemon coaster!!! 

Happy Summer!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Buttermilk Basin Summer Blog Hop 
has begun!!

Stacy's put together a great group that is going to share a free 
summer pattern for you to stitch during lazy summer days!!
to find out some fun stuff about the designers, 
what their favorite summer potluck recipes are, 
and download their free designs they are sharing with us!!  

It's not too late to follow along!!
Here's whats been shared so far....

Here is the full line up!!
Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

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July 8th
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July 9th
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July 10th
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July 11th
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July 12th
Crabapple Hill

Day 6
July 13th
Notforgotten Farm

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July 14th
Wooden Spool Designs

Day 8
July 15th
Plum Cute Designs

Day 9
July 16th
Lynette Anderson Designs

Day 10
July 17th
Kathy Schmitz

Day 11
July 18th
The Cottage at Cardiff Farms

Day 12
July 19th
 Leonie Bateman Designs

Day 13
July 20th
Ali Strebel Designs

Day 14
July 21st
Buttermilk Basin