Monday, March 22, 2010

First Day of Spring Celebration

March 20, 1976
First Day of Spring
Jeff and Debbie get married!!
Jeff and I celebrated our 34 year anniversary last Saturday!!
WOW.....Instead of saying we look older now...I am going to say we looked younger then!!!  
A day with Addison and a trip to the zoo was on the calendar for us last week also!!
We loaded up the wagon and packed some snacks and off we see the elephants, lions, tigers, bears, and giraffe's!! It was perfect spring weather and the animals were happy and active!!!
The elephants were my favorite, the giraffes were Addisons favorite and the polar bears were Jeff's!!
After returning home and downloading my pictures and reviewing them.....I realized the shots I got of the baby elephant reminded me of a recent accident I had at home....
I was walking along minding my own business.....
next thing I know I am on the floor!!!!
I missed the last step coming down our stairs and took a tumble down onto my knee!!
There I was a bit stunned, in a little pain lying on the floor in the dark house as Jeff was on his way home from work. 
This is a picture of what I looked like trying to get to my feet.....
Until Jeff got home and gave me a hand....
it's always good to have a friend around to help pick you up when you are down!!!
Thanks Jeff for always being there for me!!
As for my knee....lots of visit....xray....but the good news is that it is not a break just a brusied bone....but it sure is painful.....getting a bit better each day!!
Our zoo trip ended with a trip around the zoo on the zoo train!!

Recently during the Wooly Wednesday Class that I teach at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe
 we made cute little wool bunnies and wool carrots!!
Our class is overflowing so we added a Wooly Wednesday Class in the evening also!!
Brian even joined us and made such a cute bunny!!! Good job Brian!!
What a treat Sunday afternoon was!! Jan Hill the owner of Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe had a special day for her employees!!! She invited me to come and teach some wooly projects to everyone and we had SEEEWWWW much fun!!! We made tomato pincushions and needle keepers....had some wonderful food.....lots of fun....and everyone sure felt appreciated by Jan!!!

Tomorrow is baby day....I will be off to Amy's in the morning and help with the girls giving them lots of kisses and hugs....and I will take some pictures of I can share them with you!!!
Until then.....enjoy SPRING!!!