Thursday, September 9, 2021


Did you know that my business started out with the name 
Threads of Love? 

 Here's the story!! 

I have shared the joy of stitching with my mother and during the last days as her care giver she asked me what I would like to do in the future...what was my dream....

So I shared with her that many years ago I had drawn a little picture of a wooden spool of thread with a heart hanging from it and scribbled the words "Threads of Love" next to it and tucked it away under my sewing machine. My dream was that one day I would have a business called "Threads of Love" and shared with her that over the years and for years to come she and others may be gone but the threads we stitch are left behind in love. IT is those threads that bring us comfort and leave us the memories of the love we shared with those that are now gone. Sharing my dream with my mother game me the courage to actually go out on a limb and start my business called "Threads of Love". 

Several months after my I started my business ( and GOOGLE started to become a thing) I came across a non profit organization that was called Threads of Love which started as a group of women stitching and giving tiny burial gowns for patients who were born prematurely and were too sick to survive. 

What a wonderful organization and how they have touched and comforted so many families! I decided that I wanted to respect their business name and not have my business conflict with the search of their business. If you would like to read more about their organization here it the link.

SO from my little drawing of the spool of thread it seemed fitting to call my business Wooden Spool Designs!! 

That's my Throw Back Thursday!! The photo about is my first ever trade show, my first business card, my first ever pattern,  my son Daniel, my daughter Amy,  husband Jeff, and my good friend April. Also pictured is one of the last photos of my mom and me!! She was 66 years old when she passed away and next month I will turn 66 years old. Bittersweet memories!! Love you MOM!! 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

 Ok so has it really been a year since I've been on my blog!!?? 

I must be having tons of fun if the saying time fly's when your having fun!!

No shows this last year and not much traveling.....back and forth to Oregon to visit the grandkids mostly which is actually the BEST!!!   

SO here I am again....Hope if you are reading this you are well and still finding time for stitching and for love of all things related to the craft!! Sewing, stitching, cross stitching, quilting. piecing, applique, cotton, wool, and anything else that keeps a needle and thread in your hand and in your heart!! 

Things are going by way too fast!! 

Does any body even read blogs anymore?? 

Here's what's NEW!! 

Father Christmas in on my website now!! 

Get the pattern, Get the kit and get him made for Christmas!! 

Father Christmas  

Happy Stitching!!