Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Wyoming East of Rock Springs

This caused a delay in our trip which meant that we ended up having to drive 
30 hours nonstop (except for gas and rest stops) to get to Pittsburgh in time to set up for the show!!

It's  a lot of work getting ready and I had some good help preparing for the show!
Addison is going on 8 years old and loves to come and help whenever she can!! 

Addie and Papi are a good team!! 
Addison bagging patterns!! 
Someday Addison wants to learn to dye wool!!

We traveled all of Mothers Day but my family sent me photos along the way!
I sure love being their mom and nana!!! 

We sure are  BUSY BEES at our house!! 
New Pattern #1404 Busy Bees

Buzzing off to bed.....more later....

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We are still buzzing around here in case you were wondering!!! 
The Busy's are always buzzing about somewhere....
We just returned home from our trip across the states to Pittsburgh 
for International Spring Quilt Market.
#1414 Blessed Bee Quilt
 Jeff and I loaded up all our stuff (which is a lot!!) and headed across the states.....
Our first stop was in Idaho.
She made us a wonderful salad for dinner and muffins for out trip. 
Thank you Kenna! 

Next up was Wyoming....
Which has its own beauty.....and SNOW!! 
Snow slowed our trip by a day with the closure of Highway I80.

Hold that thought......Looks like I have to BUZZZ away from my computer for a bit....