Monday, January 17, 2011

January Calendar.....

So far the days on my January calendar are passing by too fast!! I have four new calendars to keep track of all of life's happenings and it still seems that I just can't keep up at times!!! I don't know about you, but there are so many beautiful calendars it makes it hard to choose just I usually end up with several. I think I have four this different sizes and shapes!!

I have spent most of my month getting ready to attend Road to California Quilt Conference in Ontario, California. We are looking forward to hopefully seeing the sunshine and enjoy some warmer weather!!

Here in Oregon we had lots of cold weather and snow in the mountains early in the month,  now we are having a warm spell with lots of  melting snow coming down the rivers along with continued rain causing  rivers to start reaching flood stage.

I am working through the night tonight to get everthing ready so we can leave in the morning to head down south.....I have not done an all nighter for years....I plan to sleep in the car while Jeff drives!!

Thanks to all those who replied and are coming to see me in my booth!! See you there!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

 January 1, 2011
Happy New Year!!!

It's been a busy few months around here with the holidays and birthdays!! I am happy to report that we survived it all!!! We have one more birthday to celebrate this month and then we are done until August!!
Our little grandchildren added so much fun on Christmas!
This month brings a trip south for Jeff and Me.
 We are going to be heading to Ontario, California to participate as a vendor and class teacher at
Preparation has been slow.....I am feeling the pressure of the clock ticking away but am very excited and know that I MUST make every moment count!!

If you live in the area and are coming to the show,  leave me a comment here before January 15th.....when you visit me at my booth.....#428..... I will have a free pattern for you!!   

Happy Stitching!!