Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doing what I love!!!

I love wool!! I dont like to wear wool.....but I LOVE to dye it and stitch with it!!! There is nothing like getting to do what you love!! I am blessed to spend most of my days doing just exactly that....working with wool and spending time with my granddaughters!!!

This last week we had our second Wool Crazy Class at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe!! The gals are so much fun and share my love for wool!!!



Here is my fall version of my wool crazy block:
Here is my winter version of my wool crazy block:
Lots of stitching to do but oh so much fun!!!

This week is Wooly Wednesday at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe!! The third Wednesday of every month I teach a morning and an evening class with so many wonderful fellow wool lovers!!! They all come anticipating our project which is kept a secret until they arrive.....they never know what they are going to make....and I have to admit a couple of time neither do I until 2:00 am the morning before!!! I am a late night person.....a NIGHT OWL i guess you could call me!!!

Speaking of night are two of my patterns with owls!!!

Now not to leave out the other thing I love to do.....spend time with my granddaughters!!!

Hailey, Emma, Addison, Olivia

The triplets are all crawling now and two of them have a tooth or two. They are just so fun to watch....crawling around and over each other....stealing each others toys.....pulling themselves up to a stand!! My daughter has had to lower all of thier crib mattresses and purchase gates!!! I have taught Olivia to say gobble gobble gobble!! Spending time with them is endless fun and lots of laughs!!!

Addison is will be turning 4 in December and is so grown up!! She LOVES to talk!!! I must say it is hard to get a word in with her!!! She has a great imagination and tells great made up stories!!! She is looking forward to her new brother arriving in the next month or so......and I know will be a huge help around the house!!!

So this week I hope you get to spend some time doing what you love....I know I am....dying wool, stitching with wool, and playing with my granddaughters!!!  :)