Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September is here and Fall is on it's way!! If you are like me then Fall is your favorite time of the year!! It might have started out when I was young because Fall meant that it was my birthday....but as I have gotten older it became a time to enjoy the warmth in the colors of the changing trees. A time to try new recipes and serve homemade apple pie. A time to put the yard to rest and come indoors and cozy up and start a journal or read a book.
Fall is a GREAT time to start a new project or begin a christmas gift!!

One of my new designs I am currently working on are wool applique book and journal covers!! Here is a glimpse of what I have been working on. The "RECIPE" journal was an idea I got from my grandmothers recipe box that I have of hers. One of my favorite things that she made me were these cookies that were like sugar cookies (they were shaped with her hands and flattened). After baking them she would take a thin chocolate mint and place it in the middle of two warm cookies!! The mint would smoosh in the middle!! She would make them and feeze them by the bag fulls for me!! I loved eating them frozen!! Sure do miss my grandma!!

Watch for more journal covers to come!!

Thanks for visiting, Debbie