Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Busy January!!!

January has been so full of family, friends, and fun I hate to see it almost over!!
Starting the new year with lots of time on baby duty......I have to say that even being the night owl that I am I have been a bit tired.....guess that's why we have kids when we are younger so we can keep up!!! It sure has been fun getting to see them grow, change, and watch their personalitites shine through!!
The last couple of weeks Jeff and I spent down in southern California looking for the sun.

We left on Monday January 11th, and as I stitched last minute projects and Jeff drove us with all of our booth props and supplies south to Ontaria, CA to participate as a vendor in Road 2 California Quilt Show the rain followed us.

There was not much sunshine to be found and the lead story on the CA evening news was the rain....I came down with a terrible cold........
but no worries....
we did manage to have a GREAT time together!!!

Getting ready for a show is usually a pretty crazy event in itself with lots of preperation and last minute things to get done......with the addition of the triplets this year I fould to be a bit more challenging to find time....and was not sure how I could do it.....but with the help and support of family and friends it all came together and we had a fun and successful show!!

The best part of what I get to do is meet so many wonderfully kind and supportive people who encourage me with lots of kind words,hugs, and support.....I count each of them as a blessing in my life.....they are what keeps me going!!
I had the privilege to teach several classes while we were in CA. The first was my Pincushion Party Class at Road on Thursday evening!! I have been looking forward to it all year and want to thank everyone who took the class.....I had a blast with you and have very special memories from being there!!
And...I did not take any pictures!!
Hoping to get some from Tammy, my VIQ who was a great help to me!!
Thanks Tammy!!

The next class was on Monday at Stars and Scraps Quilt shop in Corona, CA!!! It was a last minute planned event and was attended by 15 wonderful women who brought lots of wonderful food and fun and laughter!! Thank you for your hospitality!!!
We continued to drive south still hoping to find the sun.....visiting some wonderful quilt shops along the way....The Quilted Horse, Temecula Quilt Co., Country Loft, and Quilter's Coop. Still no we decided to head north towards home!!

The last little class I thought was a very spur of the moment event.....this is how it happened.....we were driving north towards was our last leg of the trip and we stopped in Cottonwood, CA at Quilts in the Attic which is just south of Redding, CA. While we were shopping and visiting it was brought to our attention that all roads north had been closed due to snow over the pass.....and NO ONE WAS GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON!!! Semis were backing up on the freeway along with all other was now a 6 hour delay with small groups being escorted over the pass!! As we were visiting a group of women started gathering in the class room to meet and stitch....WOOL!! It was their montly wool goup!!! WOW!!! I love to stitch with wool.....I have a suitcase full of wool in the car....with a special little project in I asked if I could interrupt their stitching and provide a small wool project for them to make.....WHAT FUN WE HAD!! Everyone made a cute little heart needle keeper while we were stranded on the road!!! Thank you ladies for all the fun and helping us pass the time.....

After leaving we decided to take Hwy 36 west over to the coast and up 101 instead of waiting to go north. The road was long, winding and covered with snow and I think we were the only car traveling on it in either direction!! Even through the road had been plowed it was a bit worrisome in places....149 miles took us 4 hours!!! After our safe arrival to 101 we ended that day watching a beautiful sunset in Crescent City, CA. Our last day we drove into Oregon stopping in Springfield, OR at wonderfully fun and full quilt shop called Something to Crow About!! Thanks Kenette for the visit!!
Home Sweet Home....There's no place like home!! My kids cleaned my house while I was gone and the babies grew!!! We are unpacked and getting organized.....
hugging the granddaughters......
counting our blessings for our safe travels and wonderful family and friends!!
A big thank you to everyone you came to Road 2 California!!
Hope to see you again next year!!

Today I got to teach my own Wooly Wednesday class at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn, Oregon and see some special friends I have been missing!! I am so excited for this year and am looking forward to the months ahead!! My next show is International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May!! I better get will be here in no time!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Better late than Never...Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Hope your holidays were good and you are settling into the new year!!
The holidays are always a busy time with family and friends, activities, baking, decorating, shopping, comings and goings, well....just try adding Addison's third birthday and triplets into all of that and all I can say is WOW!!! What a busy time we have been having!! I think we are all a bit tired but loving our granddaughters!!

So here is a look at what's been happening around here....

Starting with Addison
who turned 3 years old on December 23rd!!

I took her, her mommy, and her other grandma to a tea house for lunch!!
SO much fun! Addison was into her tea.... Her Tutu......
And even a few tears.......She really did not want to wear the hat....and was being a good sport about it..... then she accidently got snapped with the elastic string as it was getting put on......
Every girl should be allowed to cry on their birthday if they want too!!!
There is nothing like your mommy to make it all better!!
We had a great holiday our kids all coming over. It was the triplets first visit to Nana's house....and it sure was fun!!
Emma, Olivia, Hailey
Amy and her little monkeys!!

Daniel, Addison, Karah, Olivia, Emma, Amy, Ivo, Hailey
Cousins.......Olivia, Addison, Hailey, Emma

Ballerina Addie Hailey, Olivia, Emma
Addison and Hailey

So you can see our time is quite busy with GIRLS these days!!!

We are so blessed!!

As for the sewing....well I have been busy with that too.....teaching at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn, Oregon.....working on new patterns....dying wool.....and getting ready to head to Road 2 California in Ontario, fact we leave in the morning!!

You can count on that I will be missing the girls!