Friday, October 28, 2011

Get busy dying......

It's up and running!! After days....weeks...months...or has it been a good year???
How time flys!!! Well I am happy to say that my Wool DYING Room is in use!!!
Already I don't how I ever managed without the space.
So many people have worked and helped put it together to make it happen!! I thank everyone of them!!

To help me celebrate, leave me a comment using the word "wool"
before midnight October 31st
 I will add your name
to a drawing for this little bundle of wool!!!
Fall  has arrived with all it's glorious colors and they always inspire me!!
I have been creating some new designs that I will share soon!!! As usual things always stay very busy around here.....and finding time to fit everything in is always a challenge for me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and with age comes aches and pains.
I recently went to the doctor concerning some pain in my right thumb!!! 
 Bummer....I have some kind of basal joint arthritis.
Well...I am not very happy about that!! I am learning what I can do to manage the to protect the joint, and being fitted for a thumb splint!!! 

So, lets just hope it's going to be a Wooly Good Year!!!!

Last month at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe I began working with
a small group of gals to make my pattern
"A Wooly Good Year"
We started with the September block and will meet each month and continue around the month of blocks!!
We had warm apple pie as a snack and homemade applesauce as a door prize!!!
Looking forward to the months to come!!!

Just have to share this little story....last week when Addison was spending the day with me, she looked at me and said, "Nana, How do you wool??"

"Can we go upstairs and can you teach me how to wool??"
 Well, of course I was so happy she asked....
so upstairs we went and had a little sewing lesson with WOOL of course!!!
Happy Stitching!!