Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Home for the Holidays Blog Hop is underway....
It's always  fun to be involved in the Blog Hops that 
Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin plans and organizes!!


If you are new to blog hops WELCOME!!! 

Today is day 6 of the blog hop
 and I do hope that you are enjoying each day reading the FUN Christmas facts and vintage pictures
 that Stacy is sharing on her blog ......then hopping over to  that days featured designer to read what they have to share, checking out their special recipe,and downloading each project for some fun Christmas stitching!!! 

Here's a cookie recipe that you can get your
"hands" right into!!!
Growing up my family moved almost every summer and my mom tried to keep things to a minimum    so there was not an abundance of stuff to move all the time. She was not a collector of knickknacks and clutter. But one thing I remember seeing each year come out of the boxes
 at Christmas time was a silly little elf.

I am not sure what ever happened to the old thing after the passing of my parents but the tradition seems to be carrying on....

I don't know if you have heard the story of the Elf on the Shelf but it is quite the story....
Each December 1st the Elves comes back from the North Pole to live with a family and watch over them for Santa....The children give the elves names and each morning the elves have moved to a different locations during the night. The kids have so much fun finding their elf and seeing what mischief they might have gotten into......
Our kids have named their elves "Mistletoe" and "Percy".
Here is a picture of Percy hanging out with my old spools!! 
Hope he doesn't tangle my threads!! 

 Last year when I was invited to go to Australia to teach with Gail Pan at her workshops I designed a little elf for the ladies to stitch. I have been saving it to share sometime here in the US and have decided this is the perfect opportunity. The ladies in Australia where so lovely and I have such fun memories with them!! We had approx 140 ladies in two different workshops making elves!! 
That's a lot of elves.....and elf parts.....

This little guy has the option of putting wire in his arms
 so he can wrap his arms around anything he wants!!
 Give him a name and let him watch over your family this Christmas Season!!

You better be good.....He might tell Santa on you.....

Click for pattern
I loved reading about Stacy and her Grandmas Gumdrop Tree....here are a couple of patterns that might be just what you're looking for is you love GUMDROPS!! 

Happy Stitching!!!