Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's summer....well the calendar says it is!!!
We have been having lots and lots of rain.....with temperatures in the 60's but guess what...??
 Starting tomorrow the forecast is for SUMMER.....we will go from cloudy rainy 60's
 to clear blue 90's....nothing like time to adjust!!! 
Hope you are all having a good summer where you are!! 

Today is the start of class registration for
  Road 2 California Quilter's Conference and Showcase! 
January 23 - 26 2014
If you're planning on coming sign up early!! 

Thursday Evening Class
This "Boo Banner" is simple and fun to make!!
Don't be scared away from this class!!

Saturday Evening Class
Easy as ,12,3....
.Learn how to hand sew these three cute little bags
 with a bit of wool and a handful of buttons!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

These three little garden bugs will
 be your pals and keep your pins in place!!  
 #1203 Garden Pin Pals

 Everything is turning up roses and these roses
 are so easy to make and have NO THORNS!! 
# 1302 Ring Around the Roses

These Matryoshka dolls are a favorite!! 
Make them in your favorite colors!
The scarves remind me of being a kid and having to wear
itcy plaid wool scarfs on the way to school!!!  
 #1201 Babushka

It's summer and that means lots of fruit!!! 
This pattern has five different fruit needle keeps!! 
A good reminder while your stitching to eat your fruits!!! 
 #1303 Fruit Salad

These are available for sale but not all of them are
 quite up on the website yet.....send me an email with your order
 or watch the website for an update soon!! 

Don't forget to stay hydrated 
drink lots of water in the heat this summer!! 

Five New Patterns

5 NEW patterns to share with you.....They measure approx 24" x 32".
They are all wool but of course you can use woolies flannel as a background.

Another option would be to applique them in cottons!!  

#1305  A Needle Pulling Thread 

 #1304 Home Is Where the Heart Is

#1308 Be Merry 

#1307 Owl'ways Give Thanks

 #1306 Snow Happy
  These can easily be enlarged by adding sashing and borders in-between and around the main blocks....or choose your favorite blocks and make throw pillows with them!!! These are NOT listed on my website yet but are available for sale. Please let me know if you need one sent your way before they get on the website!!

 half a year,
 a half dozen,
June.......... the 6th month of the year,

it's the month my youngest granddaughter Hazel is turning ONE....
Six is the number of grandchildren I have....
Lincoln - Hazel - Addison - Olivia - Hailey - Emma

it's the age of my oldest granddaughter Addison,

Six is the  number of knees that seem to always need band-aids when the girls are over!!
(doesn't matter if there is a boo - boo or not!!)
Everybody has their own box of band-aids at Nana's house!!!

it's the number of months that have past since I last wrote a blog post!!

It's been a busy 6 months to say the least. Everyday life keeps it that way most of the time!!
It's a known fact that my days pretty much never go as planned!! 
We are healthy and good, just busy!!
 I count it a blessing to be able 
to be flexible with my schedule and help out family and friends when needed. 
We've been to
International Quilt Market (wholesale show).

In January we hit the road south, down to Ontario CA to participate in Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase.
 We love this show and the friends we have made along the way the last 8 years there. 
Along with vending at the show I was able to teach two evening classes.
 These classes give me time to get to know the ladies who come to the show and share my love for working with wool!! 
This year I was so excited and surprised
 to receive the special honor of winning an award for
 Outstanding Marketing!!
Carolyn Reese
 presenting the award

I am already working on classes I will be teaching this next January at Road to CA!!
Check out their website for more details to come!! 

Four weeks later we headed north to Puyallup (Pew-AL-up) WA
 to the Puyallup Sewing & Stitchery Expo. 
This was our second year attending this show and it's close enough to home that our kids got to come 
and see the booth and bless their hearts helped up tear down!!
 Many hands make a load light!!
Jeff and our son Daniel "MAN-ING" the booth

Next up International Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon!!
Right here at home!! International Quilt Market in Portland 2003 is where I started 
my business!!
10 years time flies!! 
Again, having the show be so close to home I had lots of help from my family and friends!!
Me and our daughter Amy
 my #1 cheerleader
For those of you that are local if you haven't heard International Quilt Festival is adding a show.
It is called Quilt. Knit. Stitch. August 14-16 2014 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. 

So now..... with most of my shows for the year past...... I am hoping to get reorganized in my sewing room, 
my website, Facebook, and my blog!! Notice I said don't hold your breath too long!!! 

 Thanks for stopping by!!

Our "Gang"
Olivia, Hazel, Emma, Hailey, Addison, Lincoln

Happy Stitching!!