Saturday, October 17, 2015

I absolutely love Fall and this year we have had such a gorgeous one!!!
The sun just keeps shining on all those golden leaves..... keeping them dry and crunchy....
and a strong wind has come through
tossing them up and around in the air!!
We have an abundance of trees here where we live,
which means.....
NO shortage of leaves!!!

The weather man says that rain is on its way though,
 and of course there never seems to
be enough free time outside to get them all picked up
 before they get all wet!!!
Slowly we will get them all collected. .....
hopefully before the daffodils start having to fight their way through them.
We usually spend some sunny winter days out raking leaves and picking up downed limbs with  a nice warm burn pile going!

I've had a great summer getting to travel around a bit!

I went on my first cruise to Alaska with
Terri Staats of Sweet Treasures Quilts 
and a group of wonderful women on a Quilting Cruise!!
It was so much fun and we got to sit and stitch and watch the ocean go by!!

Just a few days after that, I flew off to work with and help
 Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin
with her
 Barn Event!!
Oh my what an event it was!!!
You will definitely want to check it out and try and attend next year!!

I've been home a few weeks now and have been busy getting ready
to head back out the door the end of the month for a trip to

Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs
has invited me to come and teach a workshop along with her!!
Its going to be a HOLIDAY Gail says!!!
I am excited and blessed to get to have this opportunity!! here it is!!
Its been two weeks since the
 Christmas Mystery Quilt Blog Hop started!!
I hope you are having fun stitching the blocks!!

Week #1 was
Christmas Candle
by Rhonda McCray of Farmhouse Threads

Week #2 was
Christmas Party Reindeer Girl
by Shawn York of Rusty Crow

which brings us to
Week #3
Christmas Mystery Quilt
Blog Hop Day!!! 
Each designer has been asked to create a quilt block with wool applique and embroidery.
We (the designers) will send our blocks to Rhonda and she will put them all together to create
the Mystery Quilt for all of us to see!

My little block is called
Christmas Lamb!!

I hope you enjoy making it!! 
Click here for pattern

Kits are available on the website
while supplies last!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

I almost forgot to tell you all!!
 There is a blog hop going on that started today!!! 
Rhonda McCray from 
Farmhouse Threads is organizing a blog hop
 that you won't want to miss!!!

Join us for 
Farmhouse Threads
Christmas Mystery Quilt 
Blog Hop!!

Starting today for 10 weeks a group of designers will share a free patterns with you!! 
Each week, one designer will post the pattern to make a Christmas block using wool applique and embroidery on cotton. 
Week 10 will include the instructions to put all the blocks together with some special fun borders
to complete your Mystery Christmas Quilt!! 
Finishing kits will be available from Farmhouse Threads!!

Here's the lineup of the participating designers and links to their blogs!! 

Week 1 October 3rd - Rhonda McCray

Week 2 October 10th - Shawn York

Week 3 October 17th - Debbie Busby

Week 4 October 24th - Joyce Weeks

Week 5 October 30th - Gloria Parsons

Week 6 November 7th -  Joan Grenke

Week 7 November 15th - Kathy Campbell

Week 8 November 21st - Jeni Gaston

Week 9 November 28th - Lisa Bongean

Week 10 December 5th - Finishing Instructions 

Happy Stitching!! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Well it's been way too long since I've given any time to my blog!
I have tried several times to post but it just seemed like there was so much to write and that so much had gone on and it seemed too long to tell!!!

So....I am just going to jump in....keep it short....and say....
Happy October!!
I love October!!

It was the month I was for in and I love that!!
I love the changing of the seasons, seeing the colors
change in the trees and the temps change on the thermostat.
I love that the days get shorter and the evenings come earlier.
for Stitcher it means longer evenings with the needle and thread!!

This year I have been anticipating October all year....
#1 because I am turning 60 and it just seems like a good number to be.
#2 because I get to travel to Australia this month!!

On October 28th I will be leaving on a jet plane to Australia!!
I have been working so hard preparing
 and have 4 weeks left to finish everything!!

I am going to be teaching with Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs
also teaching at the quilt shop
Quilters Harvest.

I will keep you posted on how the packing is coming and fill you in on a little more about what I will be doing!!

Stay turned for more October fun to come!

Happy Stitching!!