Monday, September 20, 2010

Time flies no matter what.... know what I am going to say....where does the time go....its been too long between blogs.....time flies no matter what!!!

Things as you can guess or already know about me are just crazy!!! Life at the Busby's and Wooden Spool Designs just never seem to slow down!!

First off my family is good!!! Addison is growing into a sweet, busy, and VERY TALKATIVE little girl. When she wakes up from her naps she starts talking about the last thing she left off with when she went to sleep!!! NO KIDDING!!! She cracks me up!! She has an imagination and energy that just does not stop!! I am missing her as Karah is done working now and is going to be a stay at home I no longer am watching her 3 days a week....which she and I are both adjusting to!! I miss her and she misses me!! I am happy for her and her mommy to have more time together and look forward to my days with her!!! Addie is waiting for the arrival of her little brother any time now!!

Karah has had a good pregnancy this time and is due on October 8th.....since Addison was 5 weeks early we are all anticipating Lincoln to come anytime....we will see!!!

They say that two is company and three is a crowd....but with the triplets three is a circus!!! OH the girls are growing and going....crawling everywhere and even walking with the help of something to hold onto.

Emma we have decided will be the first one to walk!!! All three girls now have their two bottom teeth and are so cute when they smile!!! They are starting to try word sounds and are learning to give kisses and wave!!! There is never a dull moment when they are around!!!

Hailey is going to be Nana's girl....everytime I am around her she seems to end up crawling into my lap!!! Of course I LOVE IT!!!

Olivia is such a clown and lights up the room....she has a contagious laugh and takes the best naps!!! She also has the highest pitched voice and sure can get your attention!!!

Ivo and Amy are doing such a good job as the parents of these special girls....they just celebrated their 3rd anniversary with a night away at the beach.....Me and the other grammy were in charge over night....we decided that what happens with the grannies stays with the grannies!!!!
Jeff hurt his knee at work and is on "light duty" (LOL .....UPS does not seem to understand what light duty is) and has been going to physical therapy twice a week all month. I think his knee is improving but still gets tired when over worked.

This is vacation week for Jeff. Vacation week for him usually means show week for you will find us busy at the NW Quilting Expo in Portland, Oregon. I will have a booth there selling my patterns, wool, kits, and a variety of other goodies!!!

Join me and some of my favorite wooly friends by checking out my upcoming classes at . Always a fun place to visit and lots of fun to be had!!!

And my last bit of news.....we are getting a puppy!! A female black lab who right now is 18 days old and will come to live with us sometime the middle of October. After the lose of Coal over a year ago we are just feeling a void in our family....and the grandkids all need to grow up with a dog!!! SO why not add a puppy to our family.....going from one granddaughter last year at christmas to 4 granddaughters a grandson and a new puppy!!! Sounds like fun to me!!!

OH and my sister living in the basement!!! Love my sister!! She is a GREAT cook!!!