Monday, July 13, 2020

Christmas in July Day Two!! 
July 13, 2020

Today on the website I have added a kit for this "Over-sized" Wool Gift Tag!
visit our website to order!! 

Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Welcome to Christmas in July!! 
From July 12th to July 26th myself and the 11 other designers from Farmhouse Threads Mystery Quilt Sew A Long will share with you some Christmas inspiration!! 
Visit each of the designers websites during this time to get started on your Christmas stitching and shopping!! 
Come and join the Facebook Group Mystery Quilt Sew A Long
to follow along!! 

 I will be adding a few new patterns along the way as well as some limited quantity of kits for various things. 
During Christmas in July we have our Christmas Collection Patterns 20% off. 
WE hope you find some fun things as you visit each site and keep your hands busy stitching!!

One of my favorite cookies to make during Christmas are Frosted Sugar Cookies!!! 
What's your favorite Christmas Cookie!!?? 

Happy Stitching!! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew Along Block #6

Hope you are enjoying the Farmhouse Threads 2020
 Mystery Quilt Sew A Long!!
It's Wednesday May 6th which means it's MY day to share!!

Myself and eleven other designers have been working hard to prepare our designs, write our patterns, share about ourselves, and get kits ready to send out!!
This has been such a fun theme this year
using Christmas Carols as our inspiration for our blocks!

Jingle Bells is the Christmas Carol assigned to me!!

This fun little "JINGLE" is a favorite during the holidays!!

Read about some Jingle Bell trivia when you print out the pattern!
 Jingle Bells by the Carpenters
I wanted to share some of the photos during the process of making my block.I like to use freezer paper to trace my applique shapes, press it onto wool, and cut them out. I like to use Clover applique pins for hold my wool in place while I stitch. If you prefer fusible make sure to reverse the pattern. 

Here is where I sit and stitch....
I love to pop in my ear buds and watch movies on my iPad while I stitch!! 
Here is a close up of the tiny gold bells I stitched using just a single strand of quilting thread and going around the bells several times to make a satin stitch look. 

Order Threads from Rusty Crow  
#12 Valdani 
O-507 Red
822 Green
O-126 Gray
853 Brown
P4 Cream (or you can use white)

Kits are available by visiting my website
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Also available:
Pattern only for $6.00
Kit only $17.95
Kit and Pattern $23.95

Jingle Bells Mystery Quilt Block #6 
by Debbie Busby
Wooden Spool Designs

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 If you have just joined or need to catch up here are the previous 5 blocks...
Please visit and support these designers!!
They have lots of supplies and projects to offer!! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Click the link above for the full line up!! 

 The 2020 Mystery Quilt Sew A Long is well underway!!
Each week one of twelve designers will share a Christmas Carol Quilt Block that you can download and print for free!!
 Each designer is also offering kits for sale!

Blocks #3 and #4 are up and ready for you!!
Visit the links below to print your patterns and order your kits!!

Block #3
Frosty the Snowman
by Shawn York Rusty Crow

Up next will be Kathi Campbell of Heart to Hand followed by ME on May 6th!!
 You'll have to comeback and see what carols Kathi and I have been assigned!! 

Happy Stitching!!  

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

click the link below for the full lineup!! 
           2020 Christmas Carol Mystery Quilt Sew A Long

It's that time of year again for the Farmhouse and Friends Mystery Quilt A Long!!

This year the theme of the quit  is Christmas Carols and its going to be so much fun!!
It started April 1st and two blocks have already been shared!
Each week for twelve weeks the one of 12 designers
 will share a free downloadable pattern for a quilt block
 along with offering a kit to purchase.
If you can't download the pattern the designer will also
 offer a printed pattern you can purchase. 
 Please visit each designers website to get the pattern
 and be sure to check what else they have to offer!! 
Click the link below

click the link below
Join in the fun on Facebook and be a part of the group!! Share your progress and make new friends!!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

S is for SEW!!! 
(S is for social distancing) 

During the past couple of week I have been thinking of all stitching friends and wondering what you are all doing with your time since we been practicing social I started creating some little embroidery blocks that I want to share for FREE with you all!!

Is a crazy time and we all need one another to keep us going, to find the way through. Our schedules and habits have been changed and even with all the sewing projects we have crammed into our closets it is sometimes overwhelming to figure out what to start with!! 

Well here you go!! 
A NEW project to start!! 

I am wishing you all safe days ahead and that you can find joy and comfort in your needle and thread!! 

Happy Stitching!! 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Well I have not done a very good job at keeping up with my blog since I said I was going to do better starting in January!! It's now almost the end of March!! 

I'm sure we can all agree that it's been a crazy year so far!!! SO much change and unknown roads we are going down!! We are all good here and just trying to do our best to do our part to help slow the spread of the Corona Virus. 

Everything that I (and you probably) had on my schedule has been postponed to who knows when or cancelled. Just taking one day at a time right  now and taking this time to get some everyday stitching in!! 

I was recently asked to share a free pattern on the Wool Applique Facebook page and someone asked if I would share it here!! OF COURSE!! What a great way to blog again!! I hope you enjoy the pattern and find some joy in your day stitching it!! 

I wish all of you well and safe....Happy Stitching!!