Monday, December 10, 2012

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes.....I always thought that it would slow down as I got older but I am sure it is going faster!!!!
I hope you are keeping up with the blog hop.........but if not don't fret!!!
I just realized that I almost missed todays hop!!

 Lucky me I live on the West Coast so it still is 
Monday December 10th!! 

Cheri has a great project I can't wait to make!!

Don't forget that it's almost the day after tomorrow
 which means it's almost Wednesday!!!
up next.......

Ali Strebel

no matter if it's today,
or the day after tomorrow 
keep hopping!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's another blog hop day!!!
You don't want to miss today's hop to is the day I drew FIVE names from all the wonderful
comments you left me!!!

O how I wish I could send
everyone of you a kit
sit with you and make snow angels!!!

The following are the  5 comment winners of the drawing:

  #1 me&mystitches from november 28th @ 5:33 am

#2 PamE from november 28th @ 7:15 am

#3 Lindi from november 28th @ 9:26 am

#4 Anne from november 28th @ 10:28 pm

#5 Bridgidk from december 3rd @ 3:22 pm

If you are one of these five PLEASE send me your email address so
I can get busy sending out your
free snow angel kit!!!

 Keep hopping and get ready for
 Friday December 7th
will be sharing with you!!!  

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Monday!!!
Which means another Primitive Christmas Blog Post!!
A Primitive Christmas Blog Hop

Check out todays blog:

Monday December 3rd
Lori Brechlin
 Notforgotten Farm

Because of the slim chance of snow we get around here I am collecting my own
ingredients for a snowman today....... and wanted to say .......
for the lovely outpouring of warm comments
you all sent on my blog day!!

If you have not commented already leave a comment on my blog
dated Wednesday November 28 including the word
it's not too late!!!

All that do will be entered 
into a drawing for a free snow angel kit!!!
I have decided to draw 5 names since the drawing ends on December 5th!!!

Keep stitching and watching for snow!!!
Thank you again!!!