Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!!

Today is the first day of Spring and I love that day!! It is the start of a new, birds, budding trees, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activities!! For me it is also the beginning of another year to share my life with my best husband!! Today is our 33 year anniversary!! Wow....that seems like a long time....and if you look at our wedding can tell it is a long blue tuxes with ruffled shirts and sideburns!! It was 1976 and we were in love.....still are.........even more today!! We had only dated for 3 months before we were engaged.......I was just 20 and Jeff was 23.......a brand new history high school teacher. I had a 1969 ford falcon and he had a 1969 ford mustang. It was spring break and we drove to San Fransisco for our honeymoon.......Jeff forgot to bring any other shoes with him except for the black wingtips he wore at the wedding and we were too poor (or too cheep?) to buy he wore them the entire time!! Oh the memories!! I can remember being in our first apartment...and setting the table and starting dinner.......... waiting for Jeff to get home from work.....the anticipation............and it was only NOON!!!! I still anticipate his coming home.....but I sure don't start dinner at noon anymore!!! LOL
As you can see I still have no computer has been in the hospital and I think it is coming home today!! The computer doctor that has been working on it says he has only worked on one computer that was as bad as mine was!!!
So when I get it back I am going to show you some of those sentimental wedding photos!!
As for sewing I have been working away stitching!! I will show you some of it also as soon as I can!!
Happy Spring Everyone!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


AWOL....that's what I have been!!
But definitely not where I would choose to be!!
A week ago today our family was together for a nice Sunday afternoon.....unaware that a NASTY BUG was lurking!!
Monday my granddaughter Addison came down with a stomach like flu....and like all good Nana's do...I went and helped Karah sit with her and comfort her. Tuesday morning Karah was sick....and Amy was sick......Tuesday afternoon I was sick.....Tuesday night Daniel took Karah and Addison to the hospital for IVs......while there Daniel got sick......Karah and Addison ended up in an ambulance ride to another hospital that specializes in children's care for an overnight stay!! Karah was put on another IV....and admitted to the hospital on Wednesday.....Jeff stayed home starting on Wednesday and was home sick the rest of the week! Daniel ended up getting an IV. Karah and Addison came home on late Wednesday night. This bug totally wiped us out!! deleted all our energy....dehydrated our bodies!! WOW....Ivo was the only one who dodged the bullet!!! We are all finally starting to feel better and eating more than just crackers and/or drinking fluids. The doctors said it was a VERY BAD BUG that was going around!! We don't want that BUG back again!!!
Unfortunately my computer also has a VERY BAD BUG!!!
It is doing all kinds of crazy things....taking me to places i don't want to be........takes me an hour to just get it on.....and now I can't see any pictures on my computer!!!
YIKES!!! It needs help!!
I am hoping to add some pictures and hopefully you can see them!!
This morning we woke to 2 inches of snow!! Our winter has been just amazing here....not the norm....but the end of the week I think it is supposed to be in the 60's.....I just can't wait to see the daffodils come up!!! So ready for Spring and Summer!!
Sewing in at the top of my list for this week!! A little sewing should cure me totally!!!