Saturday, January 4, 2020

Welcome 2020

Happy New Year to you all!! 

I post most things on my Facebook and Instagram but I know that some of you don't use those so I am going to try and keep up better for those who use Blogger!!!
It's hard to believe it's a new year
 that it's TWENTY TWENTY!!!

You may remember that we moved to Idaho from Oregon one year ago this coming week!! 
We all experience how fast time flies so of course I can't believe it's been a year!!

We love it here in Idaho. The weather here is wonderful and we like the flat terrain for walking!! 
  Because of the flat terrain the sunsets last longer which seems to make the days feel longer....more time for sewing!!??  Well, I guess I have to admit any time is a good time for sewing even after dark!!

I hope you all had a good year last year and are ready for the new one because it is HERE and it's already moving right along!! 

What's New with Wooden Spool Designs....

I am now a fabric designer with Henry Glass & Co., Inc.

My first line is called "My Red Wagon"

It will be released this month and be in the stores in August 2020.

It's based off of my pattern Wooly Red Wagon and I hope you love it!!

You can see the collection here 

There are 17 prints, 1 border stripe, and 2 panels

It has been a new and exciting experience for me to work with Henry Glass designing this fabric and I hope for more to come!! 

Henry Glass will have two projects to download with this fabric and I will have additional projects coming as it gets closer to it being available in stores!!

Please tell you local quilt shops about it!! 
Let me know what you are going to create with this fabric!! 

Next my book "Bowl Me Over" is out and if you haven't gotten it i encourage you to do it!! 
The projects in this book are so fun, fast, and easy to make!! You wouldn't even believe how many of them I have made since July...There are 30 projects in the book and I have made them all at least 4 times plus at least 60 others along the way!! 


Right now I am having a special on my website for this FREE pattern,  #1801 P.S. I Love You
with the purchase of the book "Bowl Me Over" 
Add them both to your cart and the pattern will be deducted at checkout!!

You can use the techniques in the book to change things up 
and make the
 P.S. I Love you Bowl Fillers
 Chalk Talk Bowl Fillers!! 

FREE pattern with purchase of "Bowl Me Over" book

Also... Coming in the spring watch for the next
 Mystery Quilt Sew A's going to be a fun one!!

A BIG  thank you for all your support and encouragement
this past year!!  

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year!!