Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Time

Happy Spring to all of you!!! March 20th....the first day of Spring!!! March 20th....also was my 35th wedding anniversary!!! Jeff and I had a nice day with family and friends!!

Spring time means NEW things!! GREEN THINGS!!!! Daily I am watching little shades of greens starting to overtake the brown limbs on the trees and anticipating the green buds of the daffodils to turn to yellow. These colors have inspired me to create a few new spring patterns at the printer now. Rabbit Stew, Chicken Little, Coleslaw, and Buttercup Baskets will be ready by April 1st!!

International Spring Quilt Market is approaching and I am busy busy as usual getting ready with other new designs that will be available in May. I am excited to be working on them and am looking forward to sharing them with you. Like most of you I am still trying to find more time in my day to accomplish all that I want and need to do.

My sister is here visiting me and working on some very sweet Easter dresses for my 4 granddaughters!! We are having fun spending time stitching together and sharing storries of our childhood.

As the month of March comes to an end.......take a moment to enjoy the colors of green around you!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy March to all!!! I am awaiting SPRING with much anticipation!! How blessed we are to have different seasons to look forward to and bring new things to life and new adventures to experience!!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens:

I am currently working on a wool block of the month with each block representing the twelve months of the calendar year. I am having so much fun creating it and plan to have it ready by May. Stay tuned!!!

The month of February went by fast and was filled with mostly family time....grandkids to be exact!!!
 They are all growing so fast and with five of them now it takes more time to keep up with giving them all hugs, snuggles, kisses, playtime, overnights, etc. etc. etc.!!!
I again, am so blessed to get to live so close to all of them!!

Papi with Emma, Hailey, Olivia
Mr. Lincoln
Miss Addie

Just a couple of weeks ago I got to spend the day with Jo Ann Mullaly of JAM patterns, Wool Crazy, and Country Loft!!! She has been here in town staying and helping her daughter who is going though treatment for cancer. Please keep them in your prayers.

Jo Ann took the MAX transit system out to my end of town (which is a LONG ride) and i picked her up for a day out together!! We had such a good time together!! We first made a trip out to my house to sit and visit and share wool stories....next we were off to Monticello which is an antique shop in town which you must not miss if you are in SE Portland ever. If you go to Jo Ann's Blog you can see some of the treasure she found!! After going through the place twice we needed to fill up with lunch and had another long visit over lunch at Olive Garden before I took her back to the Max for her trip back to her place. Thanks so much Jo Ann!!!

Later in the month the puppies got to go to the vet for their 6 month check up, updated shot, liscensed, and spay!! The after surgery rules are NO PLAYING ROWDY FOR TWO WEEKS!!! WE are one week into it and it is like having kids and telling them they can't play!! So I am having to spend most of my time with them by my side making sure they are behaving!!! NOT an easy task!!! They are so sweet though and are working so hard at being good!!
Hailey, Olivia, Emma

Got to go on another trip to the doctor for the triplets 15 month check up!! Now that was fun!!! Notice the nice neat paper on the table when they first sat down....and notice how it looked five seconds later!!!
They were so good and for the most part did not mind it....except poor Emma....she did not want to have anything to do with the doctor!!! Olivia on the other hand reached her hands out to him!! They sure are busy healthy girls!!!
February brought us a bit of snow....not like most people out east get snow...but it was snow for us and we did enjoy it. Our house is at a bit of a higher elevation so we usually get a bit more than most around here and we actually had snow for 20 hours straight on the last day of February and into March.....VERY USUAL for us!!
Papi got home from work EARLY just in time to join the fun!!
The girls meet snow for the first time!!
Addison did not want to leave "BOB" the snowman outside alone....she is kissing him goodbye!!

Snowy days are a great time to work on wool projects!! Well...I think most any day is a great time to work on wool projects! Recently while I was sitting stitching on a wool project it came to my mind just how much I love it!!! It truly is one of  my most favorite things to do!! What would we do without our needles!!!???

The dye room is coming along!! It is getting close to being able to be used and I am so excited to have a place to do it out of the house!! I think by spring break i will be working in it!!
Next is the counter tops, sinks. and stovetops!!

Back to stitching for me the rest of the day!!
 Hope you find time for a little stitching too!!!