Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Activities

The past few weeks have been going by way too fast!! The faster I go the behinder I get!! I was thinking that I had bloggers block.....but when I actually thought about it I realized how overwhelmed and how long it would take me to catch up with all that I've been up to!!
So....JUST DO IT!!
Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!!
There is no time like the present!!

First and foremost on my mind right now is getting ready for International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California. We leave in 12 days!!! YIKES!! My kids have asked me and suggested after I return from a show why don't I start earlier getting ready?? Well .......why don't I......because of LIFE!! Even if I started way earlier I know that I still would be doing just as much at the last minute because I would make more for myself to do!! DID that make sense?? So my deadline is approaching and I'm working more and sleeping less!!

I will be spending much of the next week dying wool, finishing up projects, putting together kits, packaging my new patterns, and gathering all my booth props!!

Since my last post.......
Addison and I recently took a trip to Old Navy and she found this hat that she was having fun trying on and checking herself out in the mirror!! Girls are so fun!!

We took a trip to the zoo, practiced learning somersaults, and stopped at a park and had lunch with our favorite UPS man on the way home!!

Our neighbors recently got some little chicks.....and we have been watching them grow over the weeks....until one morning when they were gone.....the local coyotes came for a visit!!
So now there are more chicks.......and a new fence!! Sure looks cute!! They are going to paint the chicken coop still and I gave them the old window to add to it's charm!! We even got some fresh eggs!!
June has gone and July is flying by.....We enjoyed some nice hot summer days over the 4th of July weekend!

We began the morning of July 4th attending the local community parade....watching all the old cars, tractors, and horses go by while candy was tossed out to all the kids....All the children usually go home with a whole bag of candy!! Addison enjoyed the event and was in the spirit!!

After the parade we all went our own ways which meant we all went home for preparation for the evening bbq and fireworks show.
Although in this picture you cannot tell that she enjoyed them...Addison actually did enjoy the fireworks!! Guess they were a little loud at times!!!
After a good night sleep and a late morning wake up we all headed to Ivo and Amy's to paint the nursery!!
We all had so much fun helping get the nursery started....the boys moved all the furniture out,

Daniel taped around all the trim.....looks like he got too many paint fumes!!
Karah rolled all the walls,
Ivo painted around all the high trim and the ceiling edge,
I painted around all the low trim and the baseboard,
Amy cuddled with Addison, checked on the progress, and served us ice cream bars, and Jeff stayed out of the way (he took a nap)!!

Daniel and Karah are in the process of buying their first home!! They found a cute home that is move in ready and things are going smoothly so far!! Looks like they will get to move in around the second weekend in August!!

Amy is doing a good job taking care of herself and the babies.......they are beginning to make themselves noticed by moving and kicking daily now!! She will have an appointment later in July and most likely get to find out what they are going to many possibilities........all girls.......all boys.........2 girls and a boy......2 boys and a girl...??? We all can't wait to hear!! So time continues to go by without slowing down for anything or I will continue to do my best to get ready for the show along with enjoying my family at the same time!!


Carol said...

Oh Debbie what a great post! Love to catch up on your family...can't wait to hear more about the babies. Miss Addison is getting so grown up. Will you share your new patterns with us? Please????

appleberrycottage said...

Pretty green walls for the nursery! It could go for boys or girls, and easily add other colors for accents (blue, yellow, pink). Tell Amy not to be disappointed if they can't tell the gender of all the babies. I had one that would never cooperate (and I asked at every ultrasound for heart beat checks) - it's just like her now! :)

I saw some patterns by you at a local quilt shop and newsletter!


Sharon Stewart said...

Yay Debbie. You're back. We've been wondering what you've been up to!! Just kidding!! Everyone looks great and I can't wait to see them all next month. I love the picture of the new baby clothes hanging in the closet. How sweet. You're going to have so much fun shopping for three!