Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Here is our daughter Amy who is just starting her 15th week of her pregnancy with the triplets with !! She calls them her gummy bears!! She is taking such good care of herself and her babies!! She got to hear all 3 heart beats on Friday at her ultrasound and see all of them!!!
The kids all came over for dinner and Little Miss Addison was so tired she took a nap in her poppy's arms!! He loved it!!
Of course I got so busy when the kids were here that I did not get a picture of
Ivo and Daniel the other dad's of the day!
So I will show you one more picture of Amy and the babies!!
What a nice way to spend Father's Day!!


Carol said...

What a perfect Father's Day! Amy is so darn cute!

Sharon Stewart said...

This is the NCLUFH (NC Labor Union for Husbands). You now have the wonderfull Mr. Mark A. Stewart's wife involved in yet another activity (Blogging). She is soooooo busy she makes poor ole Mark (Alias 'Eye Candy') cook his own dinner.... Pleae refrain from causing any more work for Mrs. Mark A. Stewart.