Wednesday, July 8, 2009


New Patterns finally........
I had no intention of it taking this long to get my new patterns out.....I started them in preparation for Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.....but when that got scratched from my schedule so did my motivation!!!
It sure is easy when there is not a deadline to procrastinate and put things on the back burner.....You may have seen bits and pieces of these in my past blogs but here now are the final projects.........the patterns are coming home from the printer tomorrow!! Just in time for Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California July 24-26 2009!!

Fresh Fruit

Sewing Mends the Soul

Short and Sweet Sayings

Wooly Red Fruit

WHOOO Goes There????


Gingerbread and Gumdrops

Goody Goody Gumdrops (jumbo wooly gumdrops)


Holiday Wishes (9 Holiday embroidery blocks)

Holiday Cheer!!


Sharon Stewart said...

Love all the new patterns!! You go girl. I know I've seen most of the pieces anyway but it's quite different to see them all finally put together. You're going to have a great show in CA. The ladies will be clamoring to get to your booth for all your new stuff. Just try and get some sleep. Wish I was there to help you. Maybe we'll start on next year's shows in August!!!!!!

Carol said...

Oh Debbie the new patterns are awesome! You're going to have a wonderful show. Wish I could be there!