Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Activities

Well if I don't hurry up and write a blog June will be over!! Where does the time go?? I juat can't seem to keep up with the clock and the pages in my calendar!!! Is it a sign of OLD AGE??
Last weekend was the Grand Floral Rose Parade in Portland, Oregon. The Rose Festival Event is over 100 years old and attending the parade is a family tradition of ours!! DH Jeff is in charge of staking out our spot which means he heads to it the day before and spends the night on the street with all the other silly people!! When the kids were younger they went with him but now he kind of just does it on his own........Our son did join him around 2:00 am to keep him company and another parade goer who always sits with us brought him dinner while he waited! The rest of us come down later on around 6-7 am and enjoy watching the crowds gather, chase bubbles, draw on the street with sidewalk chalk, and eat lots of food!! Of couse what Rose Parade would be complete without a little drizzle.....but over all it was a great day for a parade!! Thanks Jeff for making the day special for all of us!!
I have been working like crazy lately trying to make the best use of my time with so much coming up!! I will be teaching several classes this summer at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn, Oregon. Come visit the shop if you live close....it is a real treat!! Also am busy getting ready to head to Long Beach International Quilt Festival 2009!! So lots and lots of things going on in the Wooden Spool Designs Studio!!!
Last but not least..........Some Addison time!! I get to have Addison 3 days a week while her mommy works and we have so much fun!!!
P.S. Amy is 13 weeks along now and doing well!! The babies are growing quickly!! The cribs have been picked out and the nursery plans are in process!

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Karen said...

I've lived in Oregon all my life and have never gone to the Rose Festival yet! I did spend a day down at my MILs place along the Columbia waiting to see the ships go by, but alas, they went AFTER we left LOL. Karen