Friday, May 29, 2009

1 baby + 1 baby + 1 baby = Triplets!!!

I am going to be a NANA again!!!
Our daughter is pregnant with her first....and second......and third!!! TRIPLETS!!
Amy and her husband Ivo are expecting!! Things are about to get crazy (or should I say crazier!!) around here in the coming months!!
Amy is just starting her 12th week of pregnancy and after a doctor appointment yesterday and a second ultra sound all three babies are growing at the same pace and are at the exact size they are supposed to be at by this point!!

It has been hard to keep quiet the past several weeks!! She told us the day before Easter that she was pregnant......and then about a week later found out that there were three of them!! That was even harder to keep quiet!! But last night she gave me the OK to SHARE!!
WE are all so excited and are saying our prayers!!
She is due around the middle of December but sounds like with triplets they normally come a bit probably sometime in November!!
11 weeks


Carol said...

OMG, OMG, OMG Debbie I am so excited for you all...that is just incredible...that sweet daughter of yours that was always so helpful in your Market booth is having triplets. OMG, you will be crazy busy all the time. Triple joy!

Dawn Heese said...

Congrats! A good friend of mine just had triplets a week and half ago. One boy and two girls. All well and around 5 pounds.How exciting for you!

appleberrycottage said...

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! If your daughter wants to email someone who's survived (at least I "think" I have!), send me a note. Mine are 13 1/2, BBG 33 weekers.