Monday, December 22, 2008


Ok, so if you know anything about the Pacific Northwest you know that we dont get that much when they report that we are going to get some snow........we all get excited and say "THINK SNOW"!! YIPPEE!! NO School.........a day at fun!!

Well..........That's what we all thought over a week ago when they said we were going to get some snow......NOW.........WE ALL WANT IT TO STOP!!! This is CRAZY!!!

We had a little snow a week ago.....and freezing temps.....
then some more snow and we got through the week.
Next came the weekend and we had more snow....and some freezing rain.......and more snow......then blizzard warnings........major freeways closed..........airport open but no flights going out or in...........all day news on.....power went out and back on.

So the weekend is over....MONDAY is here.....
The big question was what to do about work!
Not just any work....a faithful UPS MAN!!!
WE cannot drive our cars out of where we live......We live in Troutdale in the gorge.... THEY CLOSED I84 east...we live just up in the hills above that freeway!!
so my husband just could not call in and say he could not make it.........
he got all bundled up and said he was going to walk down hill 3 miles to the nearest bus stop and take the bus to take the
max (TRAM) to take another bus to work!!
So off he went....and an hour later he was 1 mile down and called his boss and told him that he just could not even get there that way....the snow drifts were too big to walk through!!
Back he came....he hates that he couldn't make it......but feels better that he at least tried!!!
I imagine he will do the same tomorrow if things don't change!!

We were supposed to have our granddaughters 2 year birthday party this past weekend and it had to be canceled too!!!

WE don't want many people are not getting many people stuck at the airport!!!
They are expecting us to have this snow


Snowbrush said...

Wherever you are, looks like you got a little more than we did here in Eugene. I didn't hear the total for the two snows last week, but would guess it was about 6 inches.

Carol said...

OMG! OK I'm thinking sunshine! Jeff is amazing! Sending warm thoughts!

Rejchrts said...

I stopped thinking snow about 2 days ago!!! Love you mom. Glad that dad is home and warm with you. Hope to see you on Christmas, will wait and see what happens.

Karen said...

Oops, sorry! I know it's a hassle, I know it's causing my husband to take a week off unexpectedly, I know it's cold and miserable, my grandson had one of those birthdays today, too! But, I still like it! I hope we get some tonite, but you don't, how would that be? But I also know where you are, the wind is awful. Is there ever no wind there?? Karen, from a little farther up the river.