Friday, December 19, 2008

Find Joy and Believe

Do you ever feel like "BOB the snowman".....since he came to visit us he has lost some of his weight....fallen over....broke his arm....... stood back up..... gained some weight back....... been snowed on.....hailed on....and now the sun is shining on him!!

Just a reminder to always count your blessing
through good and bad....thick and thin!!
Find the Joy in everyday things......and Believe in what is good!!

Snow days are good for SEWING!!! I have been working on a little present for someone but dont want to show it she may I will save the pic to show later!!
A busy week coming up for everyone....This weekend is Addison's 2 year old birthday party!! That will be fun!!

Followed by all the fun Christmas gatherings and activities!!
Wishing you all lots of fun, family, friends, and food!


Carol said...

What a beautiful post! Have lots and lots of fun with Addison this weekend. Happy Birthday Addison.

Karen said...

He's very cute Debbie! Hope you're staying close to home; we've probably got 8 inches of snow here, and it's slick outside! Now they're calling for freezing rain??? But you're right, we need to make the best of things. Merry Christmas! Karen