Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow and Birthdays!!

The good news is that my husband did get to and from work yesterday.....Thanks to my son and the city transportation system!! And I got to get out....after trecking out our long snowed in driveway to the son came and got me and took me to his house for the day to hang out with my daughter in law and the 2 year old birthday girl!!
The roads had huge snow drifts.... some as high as 10ft!!
This bridge reminds me of the
one in It's a Wonderful Life??

Can you ever have enough snow pictures!!??

Addison enjoyed her birthday........she had several visitors that ventured out in the snow to come by and shower her with gifts!!! We had a pizza party in the evening with grandparents and aunts and uncles!!
It was fun to see that she was really into opening her gifts....
the whole time saying...what is it what is it??

Can a NANA ever take enough pictures and share them!!!?????

Today Jeff started out to work but the roads did not allow him to get far today..........he ended up back home..........and so we will have a nice quiet snow covered Christmas Eve together and HOPE that the family will be able to make it here tomorrow!!

Merry Christmas!!

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Carol said...

Nana's and Mamie's can take all the pictures they want and share them...I always love seeing grandbabies...and that snow! Have a wonderful Christmas!