Tuesday, November 4, 2008






Even though the month of November brings shorter days, it is the month we take time to remember what we are thankful for!! Although we should do this every month.......well, even every day it is good to take time to count our blessings!! I encourage you this month to write down one thing each day that you can be thankful for!! I will start......today I am thankful for our woodstove........our furnace fan stopped working (IT IS A BRAND NEW FURNACE!!) But....because we have a woodstove we can still keep warm until we figure out what is wrong!!

In my sewing room this week I am getting ready to teach a class. We are going to be making Wool Christmas Ornaments!! They are so fun and easy!! It will be lots of fun to get together with others who LOVE to hand stitch and have fun!! I am making a yummy treat to take to my class!! Hope they like it!!

I am starting to feel settled into my new sewing space and am loving it so far!! I can tell I am starting to have fun in it because it is already starting to look messy......WORKED IN!! That's it........not messy....just productive!! My husband installed some more lighting above my work area and it helps so much!!

It's late and I am off to frost the goodies for tomorrow before heading to get some sleep!! I am excited for tomorrow!!

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Carol said...

Debbie I love your ornaments...did you do a pattern for those?...I'd love one...perfect little gifts. Just LOVE them.