Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My New Work Space!!

I've Moved!!
Since we moved into our home 3 years ago our basement has been home to our daughter....our son and his family......housed several guests............and home to many little mice in the dropped ceiling!!

Recently it has become vacant and we evicted the mice!! We tore down the old ceiling and closed up the gap where they were finding there way into the warm, dry space!! We installed new sheet rock, put in an additional window, and and some fresh paint.

Perfect for a my studio!! I had tons of fun moving all my tables, wool, books, tools, and all my personal treasures down and into place!!

So everything is in place and it's time to CREATE and ENJOY!!

Still have some finishing touches to do like trim and things.....but I couldn't wait any longer to get all moved in!!

I love all the wool colors!!

You can't have enough tables to work at!!

Our new window we added lets in much more light!!

Thanks to my sweet husband!


Carol said...

Deb your studio is just wonderful! Look at all that wonderful wool! I love the little journals.

Joy said...

Hi Debbie: I love your new space and how you have transformed your basement! Is the window to the left of the slider?

I can't find your personal blog. I must not quite have the correct name. I have tried nanabee and nanabees. so maybe you could email it to me.


Karen said...

I love your new studio! Are those paper holder thingies on the top of that shelf? I love those! Karen

debbie said...

Hi Karen....YES....that is an old store paper and string holder!! I have two of them...I love them too!! Thanks for stopping to visit me!!

Karen said...

We must have a lot in common! I love wool, too! So you design patterns! Are you by any chance on the prim n rustic group on delphi forums? I go there a lot for inspiration on making things, lots of nice people and designers, which I'm not! Karen

debbie said...

Karen...I have never heard of delphi forums!! Guess I am out of the loop!! I will have to check it out!! I recently started dying my own wool and love it!!

Karen said...

LOL, we're playing comment tag!! Yes, do come to the Vintage Gathering!! It's the first one for us, although Kristin and I had a small shop for a little while, which is where we got to know Natalie! Karen

Gayle said...

Just stumbled upon your lovely blog - I'm a rug hooker too so I really enjoyed seeing your work space! I wonder if it still looks like these pictures all these months later? You'll have to post updates! LOL