Sunday, November 1, 2009


The count down is on......
It's November and the year is almost over....


it's almost time for the triplets to be born!!!
Amy is doing amazing!! She is in week 34!!
Her doctor's say she should be a poster child for Triplets!!!
I am so proud of her and am getting so excited to see the girls (Olivia, Hailey, and Emma)!!

As of today there is not an actual date scheduled for the delivery but they are thinking maybe November 18th would be a good day!! The 17th is DH Jeff's birthday and the 19th is DD Amy's birthday!!

This is a picture of Amy today!! She is allowed to go out to church on Sunday and to her weekly 3 doctor appointments. It won't be long for updates and delivery news!
I have been busy dying lots of wool for Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe and teaching a few classes!! Once a month I teach a WOOLY WEDNESDAY class at the much fun and such wonderful ladies!!

Addison is growing up so fast.....She spends a couple of days a week with me and we have so much fun!!
She loved her first ride on a pony!!
She was the cutest Minnie Mouse for Halloween and had a fun time trick or treating.....we got to tag along and enjoy the fun.....after a couple of houses we came upon one where the homeowner was dressed in costume....which Addison was not to sure of.....and as we walked away she said I want to go home now!!! She said....Mommy with give me candy!!! She is so fun to be around and watch grow up....just wish she would not do it so fast!!!

Happy November!!!

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Carol said...

Great to hear from you...OMG! Amy looks fantastic. Look at that sweet Minnie Mouse...could she be cuter. Love the pony picture!