Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A week sure can go by fast!! It seems like I was just in a panic getting ready to leave for Quilt Festival in Long Beach California and here I am back home unpacking!! Set up is always a lot of work and no matter how you plan or how many times you set up it always seems to go together different than the time before!! We heard lots of encouraging words about our booth display which always makes all the effort put into it rewarding!! I got so busy that of course I did not get a very good pic of the booth when it was done!!!

Jeff is such a trooper....he does most all the hauling, ALL the driving, most of the unhauling, takes orders (not just those from our customers!!) and still smiles at me!! I have to say that we have met some very special friends over the last 6 years while being a part of the quilting industry!! It is just the best part!! I have to thank Scott Lindsey from Dream World for helping Jeff unload our trailer in Long Beach!! Check out Scott's Bendable Lights!!
We stayed in Seal Beach while we were at the show which was a few miles away from Long Beach. It has a cute litte downtown street and a boardwalk out over the ocean which made for a great sunset picture!! One of Jeff's UPS customers recommended Beachwood BBQ resturant in Seal Beach for of course we tried it out and it was YUMMY!! Last but not least....the triplets are healthy and growing!! The latest doctor appointment revealed that they are all girls!! Three little granddauthers on the way!! Our weather here is extremely hot!! Yesterday 105 and today 107!! It is supposed to cool down tomorrow to 102!! I am thankful that Jeff has the week off and does not have to be out in his big brown truck!! We are staying cool with our AC and playing in the shade with Addison in her little pool!!


appleberrycottage said...

All girls? Wow! Time to start looking for pink clothes! (or one in pink, one in purple, and one in yellow or green) Now she can pick out bedding for the nursery. :)

Carol said...

Oh Debbie I am so excited for all of you...3 little girls...that will be so much fun. Glad you had a good show. Jeff is a trooper...all those years at Market seeing him at work, always with a smile on his face. Glad he's off this week. Too hot!
You all take good care!

Karen said...

Kinda hot here today, too, and here I am baking 36 loaves of cardamom bread! Hope you did really well on your trip. Glad to hear you had a good time! Karen