Monday, July 20, 2009

Heading to Long Beach, CA

Yesterday as I was working on hauling stuff out to the trailer I heard all this commotion going on....birds swuakling and squaking from every where it seemed!! As I looked to see what was causing the problem....I saw the neighbor dog investigating something on the ground at the base of a tree where there is a bird nest in. It appears that a baby bird had fallen from the nest!! I shoooed the dog away and the bird began to calm down!! OH my the poor little bird.......the the parents were just beside themselves!! The nest is somewhat low to the ground in some short limbs that are growing out of the side of the I hauled a ladder out to the tree and got some gloves, carefully picked up the little birdy and placed him back in the nest!! The parents were a little concerned with what I was doing....chirping at me the whole time!! Now I am not sure if the baby bird will survive or not....but I just could not leave it on the ground all alone!!

We are all loaded and about to head down the road!! What alot of work to get ready for a show!! The last few days have gone by way to quickly, extremly short, and fill with way too much to do!! But we made it....and the trailer is loaded ready to go!!
Looks like we will be leaving behind a beautiful sunny week here in Oregon!! Our kids are holding down the fort while we are gone...checking in on things for us!!

Amy and Ivo have a doctor appointment this wednesday and will most likley fine out the gender of the triplets!! She is currently at 19 weeks.

We are all so excited to hear the news!! Daniel and Karah and Addison are in the process of purchasing their first home and should be moving in a few weeks!! All very exciting things happening here!!

Addison had so much fun playing in the trailer and then said what?? You have to put stuff in here!! I thought this was my new play house!!


Carol said...

Oh look at that sweet baby bird....can't wait to hear the baby news. Have a very safe trip!

Sharon Stewart said...

2 girls, 1 boy.........hmmmmmmm Good luck on the trip, be safe. Addison is so cute in the trailer. You sure you didn't pack her in there. Thanks for saving the baby bird.