Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, Sandwiches, Sunshine, Sewing, and EAGLES!!

So I am liking May!!! I have gotten to see Addison everyday so far!! LOL....It's so fun being a NANA!! My DIL went back to work for awhile so I am getting to have some regurlar days during the week the I get to spend time with her!! At 2 1/2 years old we are beginning to have lots of ourside fun!! Today she helped her Papi plant some sunflower seeds....learned to use a shovel...and meet an earth worm!!
The kids all showed up and we had sandwiches outside in the sunshine which is so nice to see....but as we speak the clouds have come back and it is raining!! Gotta catch the sun fast around here right now!

After the kids all left Jeff and I worked on mowing the yard and the field, picked up more sticks and limbs from the winds we had in January and sat and enjoyed our labors.......... while just over head 2 bald eagles flew inand landed in the top of a nearby fir tree.......they hung out there for about 30 minutes!
Ok, so I covered the Sunday, Sandwiches, Sunshine, and EAGLES.......on to the SEWING!!

I did have a nice weekend doing so sewing!! I sat in my sewing room all day yesterday and worked with some of the wool I recently dyed. I am making an assortment of wool applique christmas pillows. Stitching with wool is so much fun and just makes a person happy!! If you have not tried it or it's been awhile since you have ............make a date to do a little wool stitching during the month of May!! It will make you happy!!


Anonymous said...

yippie skippie outside activities.

busylady4 said...

What a fun day you had. Addison looks like quite the helper in the garden. Love the new designs. Sharon

Karen said...

We have some bald eagles that fly over us, too! Wonder how far they fly, maybe they're the same ones LOL.