Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ok, so writing a blog is sometimes hard for me!! The hardest part it usually the first sentence!! It brings back memories of writing class in school....not my favorite!! What to to start....and does it even matter!!??? I have a list of things I wish I was better at and writing is one of them!! I am amazed at some of the blogs I read and what a talent it is to put down into words just the right just the right order!!

May is almost here!! MAY DAY!! Did you ever put flowers on the neighbors door, ring the bell and run away?? How FUN was that! Maybe I will do that this's coming this Friday!! Which also means the sun should start showing up more!! Looking forward to that!!

This week I worked on dying more wool and planning ahead for Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA in July. Should be lots of fun! International Quilt Market is in Pittsburgh this spring.... and like everyone else I am having to watch my budget, so for the first time since I started my business in 2004 I will not be at Spring Market!! I am sad to have had to make that choice and will so miss being there!! I have met some of the nicest people at the show and always enjoy meeting my customers!! I am so blessed to get to do what I love and am always in awe of being around so many talented women!!

I had to get a new keyboard and mouse this week. It came as a set and I got it at Costco. I love the keyboard but the mouse is a little wide for my I think I am going to have to return it and find something else!! It is so frustrating when you are used to something and you love it and it breaks and you have to get used to something new and different! I always think that there are way too many choices to choose from and wouldn't it save us a lots of trouble and time to not have to choose which cereal to buy....which iron you like the weight of the best.....what underwear feels the most many things to have to consider!! It's just hard being a woman!! does that mean I am picky!!??? YES I AM!! I do know what I don't like but sometimes not until I get it home and I hate the process of having to return things!! BUT..........on the other hand aren't you glad we have so many fabrics to choose from!!??

My sweet granddaughter was over this week and we had so much fun! She just brings me to tears everytime I am around her......she has such a personality!! She likes to say....NANA....I show you something...and grabs my hand and drags me off to whatever it is she wants to show me....and tells me to sit down. This week I tripped on something she had on the floor and she said "I so sorry nana!!" I know it sounds so silly but if you are a nana you understand what joy they bring to your heart!! Grandchildren sure cure a bad day!!
Thursday I was on the freeway coming home from doing errands and I heard a huge pop first I thought something hit my car or that I ran over something. Then realized that my car was starting to not handle well and that I think I had a flat tire!! I pulled over and called my son who came to the rescue!! He was just getting off work and still in his work truck. Earier in the day I had gotten an advertisement for AAA roadside assistance........but who needs AAA when you have such a great son!! He had my tire changed in no time!! Thanks son!!

Ok, so I rambled on and practiced my writing!! Glad I am not getting graded on it!! I hope you have a good last week of April and think about taking someone May Day flowers!!


Carol said...

What a wonderful post...that pile of wool is just absolutely gorgeous. Oh I know those "Nana" feelings...grandbabies are just the most wonderful...what a sweet son!
Is your wallhanging new? I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pittsburgh will miss you!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. They always have such fun pictures, like little Miss Addison or that nice son.