Saturday, February 21, 2009

WHERE is February Going??

Wow, where does time go!!
When I left off last it was Valentine's Day morning....since then I have had a very busy week.

First off my computer is having major problems!!

It is taking me almost 2 hours now just to write this computer got some kind of virus....bug....trojan....or everytime I try to do anything it takes me to places

Lots of starting over and over and over!! UGH!!! I think I am going to have to take it to the computer hospital!! Maybe intensive care!!

Valentine's day brought us brief snow showers as our good friend JEFF came over and helped my husband JEFF take down the fir tree that blew over last month.

After a few hums of the chain saw and a tug with the winch we dislodged the top and then a huge notch in the base brought the tree down!!

I must say when I try to remember what I did on
each day the rest of the week....well let's just say my memory is not what it used to after reviewing the week I think I remember!!

President's Day I took a got up to do housework.....
Delightfully I recieved a phone text from my daughter in law inviting me to the zoo with her and Addison....along with one of my sisters, my niece, and my great nephew.

We got to have Addison over night Tuesday.......poor Addie....she woke up Wednesday morning with a fever and ended up going home early to sleep in her own little bed! There is nothing like your own bed when you don't feel good and of course the love of your mommy!!

Wednesday afternoon I had lunch with my daughter and then went to pick up my great nephew, Drake (who will be 2 in March), and had him over night and all day Thursday....we had so much fun playing!!!

Friday I got to have Addison for the day and since she was feeling much better. We went and surprised Aunt Amy and had lunch with her again!!

Today I took a bit of time to meet up with a friend (Betty Anderson) who teaches classes at a cute little quilt shop called Quilter's Corner in Milwaukie, OR.

She is teaching several of Sue Spargo's designs as well as several others. She introduced me to the quilt shop owners who are carrying some of my patterns and hand dyed wool.

After a quick bite to eat at a local deli, we were off to Damascas, OR to visit Pioneer Quilt Shop. Another fun shop to visit!!

The gals were so nice and I found some wonderful fabric there that i just had to have!!!

Pioneer Quilt has scheduled a
Wooden Spool Designs Trunk Show during
The Road to Inspiration Shop Hop.

What will this week bring??

Hopefully more time with cute kids....and a little sewing!!

Happy Stitching!!


Carol said...

Soon February is going to be with January...OMG already this year is FLYING! What cutie pies they are...holding hands...couldn't be sweeter.

Anonymous said...

Good February is going and we can move onto March Maddness Yippy What cute grand children They must have very cute nana's