Monday, February 23, 2009

Stay Home Monday

I decided today
after getting up and making my rounds through the house to picking up and running the vacume a bit...... that I had the rest of the day at the stay inside and heat up the dye pots!!
As you an see it takes a bit of time and purposley messing up the kitchen....but I am finding the more I get to dye my wool the easier it seems to be....guess I am getting a system down!! Practice makes....well I won't say perfect....but maybe a little improved??

It is also much more fun when I am not under a time crunch to get it done!!
Here is the red the I promised to get back to!!


Carol said...

OMG I love that pile!

Mary said...

LOVE the red-dyed wool! Hope this isn't a dumb question - but - what did the wool look like before it was dyed?

Gayle said...

Wonderful reds! It's been AGES since I've been in the dye pots - you make me want to get back to it!

debbie said...

Hey Mary....there is NO DUMB question!! Glad you asked!! If you go to my February 6 blog post you will see the box of wool before it was dyed!! So fun to add color!!

Karen said...

Pretty color of red! Practice makes progress is what my kids' homeschool teacher says (on DVD). You changed the look of your blog didn't you? Looks good! I went through your area the other day (coming back from Hermiston, what a LONG drive) and boy was it windy!

Barn House said...

Hey Debbie! Thanks for the birthday wishes. By the way, do you work with raw wool?