Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lots going on around here.........mostly late nights working on getting ready to leave for a show in southern california!! Hopefully to some sunshine!!
I showed these little owls awhile back but I am just finishing up the pattern for these little guys......NIGHT OWLS!! They are pincushions, make do's, and needlekeepers.

My good friend Sharon who lives on the complete opposite coast as I a package with a couple of the owls in it. She will be teaching a class to make them later this spring.

I have been trying to talk her into creating a blog but with no luck!! She sent me these photos of her with her goodies so I am sharing them here with a picture of her!! She is a wonderfully talented friend who wears many hats!! She has a pattern company called Liberty Rose, A decorating consulting business called Liberty Design and Interiors, works and teaches classes at The Rusty Bucket which is a specialty gift shop in Apex, North Carolina, and hardest of all keeps her husband Mark in line!!!
In fact I am sure that Mark was a great help in taking these photos of Sharon......Thanks Mr. Mark!! Good Job!!
Thanks for sending the photos Sharon........sure wish I could sit at your table with you!!
You make a good owl........but I know you are NOT a NIGHT OWL!!!
But I am!! I will just be going to bed when you get up!!
Happy Dreams!!


Carol said...

Those little Night Owls are as cute as they can be...hope Road to California is a really good show for you.

Karen said...

Very cute! What, you are heading to California, just when we're having all this fun weather again? Flooding doesn't affect me, but I know people who got hit with it. What a winter we're having here in Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Great pattern...when will they be availalbe? Mary

debbie said...

Hi Mary........The pattern is ready now....just dont have it added to my website yet!!