Friday, January 2, 2009

Life is a "BLOG"!!

My intent was to write this blog entry before midnight on January 1, 2009 and it is now 1:00 am on January 2, 2009 and we just walked in the door.

So far 2009 has been interesting to say the least...............Jeff worked New Years Eve and did not get home until after 10:00 pm!! He has not gotten home earlier than 9:00 pm any night this week due to the back up of packages delayed from the recent snow we had here!!

NO WORRIES........we had no big celebration plans anyway......since I was home in bed since the night before with the STOMACH FLU!!! A NOT SO FUN WAY TO JUMP START my new years resolution of going on a diet!!
We planned on spending most of New Years day just resting.........taking a couple of naps........sipping on sprite....and nibbling on crackers!!
BUT..........there were other plans in store for us..........Jeff helped me gather up all the Christmas STUFF around the house and pile it on the table......empty the christmas tree and hauled it out to the burn pile. He even helped me vacume up all the pine needles.......

We had to take the whole vacume apart to get the beads unstuck.....and the vacume working again!!! I told my husband hang on.... I need to get the camera so I can add this to my blog....and that from now on......... "LIFE IS A BLOG" watch out what he does!!!

Just about the time we got that all cleaned up.........WHAT's that?...........there's water in the basement!!!! It has been pouring here non stop......we got over 3 inches of rain today and the rivers are on flood watch!!! So we spent some time soaking up water and unclogging gutters!!!

Just sitting down to sip my sprite and nibble my crackers when the phone rang with news that Jeff's dad was on his way to the hospital in an ambulance!! He was diagnosed with lung cancer over a year ago and has been battling it ever since. He was having a hard time breathing even with his oxygen. At the hospital the report came back that he was extremely anemic.....that his red blood count was below 7. Any time he tried to move around made it hard for him to breath because the red blood cells were not able to carry the oxygen through the body. After much waiting in the ER ROOMS, the treatment determined was to have a blood transfusion which he is having right now. It will take about 8 hours total and they say he will feel much better afterwards!!
So, I am off to get some sleep before I head out to the hospital in the morning to take him back home. You just never know what each day with bring your's not always what you might have had planned..........but like the title of my new 2009 calendar says.........EACH DAY IS A GIFT!!! I am looking forward to tomorrows gift!!

Happy New Year a day late to everyone!!


Carol said...

Oh Boo! The dreaded stomach bug...the year will get better, I promise! A very Happy New Year to you, Jeff and your family. I laughed when I read the blog moment that needed a picture...Andy always expects me to go get the camera...LOL!

Barn House said...

YIKES! We had the same problem in our basement with all of the rain the past couple of days. Hope you are feeling better and that basement of yours is drying out. Welcome to 2009!! :o)

J & J

Rejchrts said...

happy new year mom. you are the best, thanks for taking care of all of us!! love you!!