Saturday, December 13, 2008

Going GRAY!!??

SO here I am!!
I usually don't post pics of myself online.......but today I took this picture to send to my east coast friend so she can check out my new hair cut and color!!

My hair usually has been very dark......over the years it is changing to GRAY!!! When I was younger I always said that I would NEVER color my hair...... but about 10 years ago when everyone told me I was too young to be looking gray I started coloring it!!

Well I have decided that I am tired of coloring it......watching the gray roots appear each month and spending the money for my plan is to let it just go GRAY!! Plus I'm a NANA it's ok to have gray hair right!!??
For this long process I have changed to a semi permanet dye so the dye starts fading between my appointments. Yesterday, my hairdresser and I decided that it might be easier to make the tansition if I got here is my new do.....and lighter hair!! My husband is so sweet.........he keeps telling me how much he likes maybe I will keep highlighting it like this for awhile!!?? What's a GRAY NANA to do!!??

Now if I can just figure out how to make my double chin disappear!!
Still waiting for snow!!


Cathy said...

Several of my friends and I are letting our hair go natural again - grays and all! We have found that once you see the beauty in the grays, the experience is totally different. Good luck.

Carol said...

I love your hair...I let mine go gray several years ago...I decided it took way too much time and it was expensive maintenance...I love it now. So much easier. Love that snowman!

Karen said...

I go through this dilemma, too. I actually "was" blonde growing up. The older I've gotten, the darker it got, unless I'm in the sun. I've started getting gray hair, too, in the process. But I decided I am NOT going to be all gray! I've been kinda going back and forth, reverse frosting it with darker color, blending with blonde color, and leaving some of the gray to come through. I love what your hairdresser did! You already look really young! Karen

Anonymous said...

Debbie, you are so darned cute, gray or not!!! I love your hair this way with the highlights. I'm just not on the same page as you, no gray for me. Don't have much yet, but don't like what I have!!! You got your wish for snow. Yay! Wish I was there to play in the snow with you (well, at least sit and stitch and watch the snow fall). Hugs, Shar

Robby said...

I will be dying till I grey for me...I have funky hair. Check out the website Family Creations in Intercourse and she has a picture trail...I am the one with the brown and red hair. xxxRobby
You are too cute to go grey.