Tuesday, December 16, 2008


You are looking north from our living room window at Mt Adams which is located across the Columbia River in Washington State.
BRRR!!!! I know that so many people are having very cold weather right now!! Here in Oregon we are having very cold temps for us! We did have a little snow......very dry and the wind blew it all around!!Just enough to cause problems for traffic and some school closures.

Mostly it just got really cold.......right now it is 25 degrees with a wind chill making it 17 degrees!!

They are forcasting for more snow in the next day or so....we will see if it arrives!!

I've got some hot chicken soup on the stovetop to serve to my VERY COLD husband when he gets home from his UPS route tonight!!
What better way to keep warm than to get the dye pots out!!
Look at these yummy colors!!
Some of my favorite!!

Stay Warm!!!

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Carol said...

OMG that looks COLD!!!!!!!!!!! Try to stay warm...Oh poor Jeff out in that cold. Love the wool and the bells!