Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today I got to spend the day with my sweet granddaughter!!
(Addison who will be 2 in December)

I got the phone call from my daughter in law (Karah) saying they were on their way so ,
I jumped in the shower and waited for their arrival!!

I got ready as fast as I could then ran around the house doing a few things before they arrived...... then there it was....the knock on the door!
They were here!!

I was downstairs when the knock on the door I ran up the stairs........yelling...I'm coming...I'm coming..........NANA is coming!! I am going to get you, as I got closer to the door!!
I crouched down, opened the door and said BOO!!

It was not her!!! LOL!!

It was the UPS MAN!!

Fortuanatly UPS people are always in a hurry and he was already back at his truck so I am pretty sure he did not hear me!!
I grabbed the package and shut the door fast....I just cracked UP!!

So I thought this would be a good time to show you my favorite UPS people!!
My husband (JEFF) is a wonderful UPS man!!

He has been for many years and all his customers love him!!
Last week on Halloween Addison dressed up as a UPS person!!
My daughter in law (KARAH) ordered the costume
and planned to surprise PAPA with a visit on his route that day!!

It was so much fun seeing them together!!
He was sure proud and took her around to some of his customers to see his TREAT for the day!!

It sure is tiring being a UPS person!!

Today I am thankful for UPS people.........those who bring my wonderful husband........and cute little Addie!!


Carol said...

OMG Debbie I laughed and laughed...glad the UPS man wasn't waiting at the door for a signature...Addison is the cutest little UPS person I've ever seen. That little costume is perfect. I can just see the joy in Jeff's face. LOVE it!

Happy Zombie said...

How ADORABLE! Love the surprise on your hubby too. Too, too sweet!

em's scrapbag said...

That is too funny about the UPS man. I'm still laughing. Your grandaughter is adorable. A real 'treat' I'm sure you had tons of fun.