Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mending the Soul

I am so not a writer..........and wish I was!!
I love how some people can put
thoughts onto paper and they just make so much sense!!
So even with my lack of talent in that area I continue to blog and in hopes to improve as I go!!
Midweek I find myself with a much needed desire to sit and sew........ that is what I am going to do tonight....even though it is already 9:00 pm. I will sit and let the stitches mend my soul!! I have spent two days this week with my dear father in law at doctor appointments and chemo and the other two days celebrating my husband and daughters birthdays!! If I do the math right that makes 4 days and it is only Wednesday!! I think I probably did two of those things on the same day!! Plus I did fit some GRANDDAUGHTER time in there!!
That also mends the soul!!
Here is a little stitchery and needle keeper project I have been working on.
There is nothing like sitting with a spool of your favorite thread, a needle in your hand and stitching the days worries away!!
I hope you find time to do a little of your own stitching this week!!


Karen said...

You're making me want to sit and sew!! Instead, I spent the evening making signs, which should have been done a week ago, except I had technical difficulties! Karen

Carol said...

What a wonderful post...and you are exactly right...sewing does mend the soul. It makes all the hectic, crazy stuff go away. Glad you had time to sit for a bit and sew.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Great post - there's nothing like a needle and thread in hand to calm the spirit and make me more focused. I need some focusing right now, LOL. Very cute woolie project.

Hugs - Karen

Barn House said...

Hi Debbie! Glad to hear you are taking some time for yourself and doing something you love. Very inspirational...

J & J