Monday, November 24, 2008

Are you a NIGHT OWL??

I have always been a night owl! My favorite time to sew in late at night and into the morning when all is quiet in the house!! When everyone else is sawing logs.........I am sewing log cabins!! (Mostly I am stitching on wool but I thought that sounded nice!!)
One of my latest projects is a wonderful old woolie owl.
We have about 20 large evergreen fir trees on our property where a nice old owl lives and talks to us now and then!!
This Old Wise Wooly Owl is in memory of my husbands grandmother who loved owls and had a wonderful collection of them!!

Meet "LITTLE HOOT" my new little night owl pincushion

I created him to keep me company during my late night sewing!!
These patterns should be ready soon!!


Carol said...

OMG He is a cutie, cutie Owl! I love him!

Karen said...

No, I'm not, at least I never used to be a night owl! I love my sleep! BUT, the older I get, the later I seem to stay up, and so far, I'm still up at 6:45 in the mornings too. I'm just off to bed, and yes, after midnight LOL. My only excuse is I didn't realize it was that late! Karen