Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spring is practically over and Summer is on it's way!
The weather forecast is blue and sunny for the next week!!

This blog post is long in coming....
because life just always seems to be busy busy busy....

And it was a busy spring here!!
For the last 14 years Spring means going to 
 International Spring Market which was in Minneapolis, MN this year.
Lots of hours go into planning
 preparing for it with little sleep in between!!

After loading up, we headed out and drove our way across to Minnesota!! 
On the way we were more than happy to 
pick up a friendly passenger!!

Gail Pan joined us all the way from Australia for our trek east and we had lots of fun on the way. 

It takes a lot of work to load, haul, and set up our
booth with props and merchandise and
we were so blessed to have help from our good friend Cindy!!
This girl is such a hard worker and a TON of fun!!!

Here are several of the patterns that we introduced
 at the show which were a big hit!! 

We love going to Market and seeing our great customers
 coming from all over the country
to find the latest and best products to carry
 in their shops just for you!!

We encourage you to find your local quilt shops
 and support them whenever you can!!

Another one of my favorite things at market is to see
so many talented designers all in one place!!
 Dinner out in the evenings with some of them is a great way to end a long day!!
 Deirdre Bond Abel  - Hat Creek Quilts

 Tonja Gressley - Blackberry Primitives

 Janet Nesbitt - One Sister Designs

 Stacy West - Buttermilk Basin

Michelle Joyner - Fat Quarters Quilt Shop
Gail Pan - Gail Pan Designs
Lynn Hagmeier - Kansas Troubles Quilters

Kenna Ogg - Madison Cottage Design

Just a few of MANY.....
Our Sample Spree Crew
Terri, Jeff, Brenda, Kathy, Cindy

Many times when Quilt Market is over we drive
 straight home and keep going....
this year we took a few extra days and stopped
 at quilt shops along our route.
We were able to visit some of our customers and also make some new ones.

There are so many wonderful quilt shops across the country!!

Here are a couple that we visited!!
More Sew for You 

All in Stitches - Zumbrota, MN

Prairie Point Junction

We've been so blessed to see so much of the country,
visit so many lovely quilt shops,
and make so many wonderful friends along the way!
But.... of course it goes without saying that there's no place like home!!


Patricia D. Roberts said...

Wow, you must have had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to seeing your Saltbox houses.
They look great when will the patterns be available? Your designs are wonderful. I have been stitching from Gail Pan's Christmas design book I got from you. It is delightful. Have a great summer Miss Stacy and I hope Oliver is doing well.

Patricia D. Roberts said...

Well, Miss Debbie I blew that didn't I? I put down Miss Stacy instead of Debbie. So sorry for the blunder. I do beg your pardon. I do want to see those Salt Box houses. I am in love with wool applique. your designs are so intriguing. Again please forgive my faux pas. Pat

Debbie Busby said...

Hey Miss Patricia....I can think of worse things that you could have called me!!! worries....I hope that Miss Stacy has a great summer too and send best wishes to Oliver!!! Thanks for you nice comment!!!