Friday, June 6, 2014

Portland Oregon is known as the City of Roses
and since 1907 it has held an annual festival
of celebrations and activities.
 A Rose Festival Princess
is chosen from each area high school
 and then one is chosen and crowned
 Rose Festival Queen. 
The Grande Floral Parade
 is tomorrow
 and as in the past
 the Rose Festival Princesses and Royal Queen
will ride upon a float through town on a
 5 miles stretch across the
 Willamette River into Downtown Portland.

People (us included) wait for hours in anticipation for the start of the parade.. fact
Jeff is down at "OUR SPOT" right now.....

 waiting....... and waiting
and waiting......
 to save a space for us to watch the parade from!!

It's a tradition of his to go down the night before and sit outside and hold our spot....
the rest of the family will arrive around 7:00 am
 and wait about 4 more hours for the
start of the parade to reach us.

 It is a fun tradition and  we have done this with our kids as they have grown up....
 and now....
 we are loving watching our grand kids enjoy it!!!

Someday I will collect all the pictures and make a photo book.....

In the meantime I hope you will enjoy this wool applique pattern called  
Ring Around the Roses
This could be made in the color of your favorite rose!!! 

And of course we will be watching for that crown on the head of the new 
Rose Festival Queen!!

You can be a queen too.....

this is new pattern now available on our website

Happy parade day....get your crown on!!! 

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Terri said...

So glad to see you back on your blog!! :-) I can't wait to make my crown pincushion.