Monday, June 10, 2013

These three little garden bugs will
 be your pals and keep your pins in place!!  
 #1203 Garden Pin Pals

 Everything is turning up roses and these roses
 are so easy to make and have NO THORNS!! 
# 1302 Ring Around the Roses

These Matryoshka dolls are a favorite!! 
Make them in your favorite colors!
The scarves remind me of being a kid and having to wear
itcy plaid wool scarfs on the way to school!!!  
 #1201 Babushka

It's summer and that means lots of fruit!!! 
This pattern has five different fruit needle keeps!! 
A good reminder while your stitching to eat your fruits!!! 
 #1303 Fruit Salad

These are available for sale but not all of them are
 quite up on the website yet.....send me an email with your order
 or watch the website for an update soon!! 

Don't forget to stay hydrated 
drink lots of water in the heat this summer!! 


Anonymous said...

I really have to save my pennies now, I need these patterns too. The pin keeps will make great gifts for my stitching buddies.

Teri said...

Hi Debbie: So glad to see your blog updated...Encourages me to update mine. Love all of your new patterns and the bug pin cushions are just too cute. And speaking of have some adorable kiddos there. Saw you in the news at the parade, just too cute. Hope to catch up with you someday soon. Hugs to you

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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