Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's another blog hop day!!!
You don't want to miss today's hop to is the day I drew FIVE names from all the wonderful
comments you left me!!!

O how I wish I could send
everyone of you a kit
sit with you and make snow angels!!!

The following are the  5 comment winners of the drawing:

  #1 me&mystitches from november 28th @ 5:33 am

#2 PamE from november 28th @ 7:15 am

#3 Lindi from november 28th @ 9:26 am

#4 Anne from november 28th @ 10:28 pm

#5 Bridgidk from december 3rd @ 3:22 pm

If you are one of these five PLEASE send me your email address so
I can get busy sending out your
free snow angel kit!!!

 Keep hopping and get ready for
 Friday December 7th
will be sharing with you!!!  

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