Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching up!!!

When I last wrote it was mid March and the weather was cool and being June 1st the weather is STILL cool and wet!!!! ENOUGH already!!! Shades of green are still very vivid here.
Our daffodils have bloomed and passed and the blossoms are fading. Our strawberry crops are late in ripening and sounds like it will be close to Father's Day before they are ready.

During all the time that has gone by since March, I have been busy, busy, busy, working on new patterns and going to and from International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah.
 Pumpkin Patch Jack
 Mistletoe Magic
Kissing Ball Mat
 Christmas Postage
A Wooly Good Year BOM

Preperation for Market includes so much of so many things.....I was blessed by so many this year who stepped in to help me in every little way!!! A big thank you to my sister Jan who came and stayed with me for almost a month....stitching away....bagging....tagging....and house/puppy sitting for us while we were gone!!!

Take a look at how getting ready takes over the whole house!!
 sewing room
 living room

 dining room
 even the triplets got into helping!!!

As much work as going to Market is .......we had such a good time!!!

 Jeff drives us with all of our stuff in a uhaul and down the road we go!!! We stopped in Boise, Idaho and stayed a night with a special friend there!! Thanks, Kenna!!

We enjoy being together and seems like when we are home we don't get much of it!!!! We had lots of laughs, good food, and a great time with great friends and great customers!!!!

Sample Spree
We loved having Cindy with us at this show!!!

Just a few of our friends that I remembered to take photos of.......

(we love you Renee)

Also check out these other friends of ours:

Oh so many friends to share........I will share more friends in future posts!!!

Since being home I have caught a cold.....almost recovered....and sewing away on sample orders, dying wool, and preparing for classes at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe while waiting for the SUNNY weather to arrive!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Cheryl said...

I know the girls from my shoppe purchased from you. Cannot wait to see which ones they came back with!! Love postage stamp project and all the mistletoe projects.

Shakerwood said...

Wow, and I thought I was the only one that had my house taken over right before a show (like it is right now)! I leave next Thursday for a big show. I sent an order to you, I hope you got it. Making your samples now. And you know how samples sell!

Friends that come over to help are the best!

Anne said...

Hi Debbie, So good to see you at Market. Love how everything has taken over your house. I think I could move in and feel quite comfortable with all your wool and fabulous samples! Keep up the wonderful work.

Carol said...

What wonderful new goodies you had. If I lived closer I'd be right there helping you too...looks like soooooooo much fun!

denver truck accident lawyer said...

Lovin the Pumpkin Patch Jack so much. Everythin' in the pictures seemed like wonderland. They are lovely and gorgeous.

Keep It Thimble said...

I love your new patterns - especially the Halloween one. I look forward to stitching them! Pretty soon the triplets will be able to stitch samples for you.

Tami Mordica said...

Debbie Great Class Love the learning to work with WOOL, see you next weekend. Tami