Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YES!! IT really is November!!

In my last post we were having unusually warm weather making us do a double take at the calendar!! It was a special treat to get such a nice couple of days in November....but now we have moved into full fledged November weather...Wind....Rain....Leaves.....Soggy Ground....Mud.... SNOW in the mountains and what better than a RAINBOW!!! All good things because after all it is NOVEMBER!!!

November at our house is a busy one....We have 5 birthdays to celebrate in three days!! Jeff's birthday starts us off on November 17th....followed by four more birthdays on the 19th!!  Our daughter  Amy (she will be turning 30!) and her triplet girls who share her birthday, Hailey, Emma, and Olivia, will be turning ONE!!! All the week before THANKSGIVING!!! We have lots of celebrating coming up and plenty to be THANKFUL for!!!

You know I will be wanting to take pictures of all the events to come..... so I had to go out and replace my camera that I dropped a couple of weeks ago and destroyed!!! I am liking my new camera and will be ready to snap away!!  Why is it when something breaks that something else breaks too???? My printer went out on me the same week I dropped my camera!!! They say things come in three's so I am holding my breath and hoping that the light bulb over the stove going out was my third thing!!!
The nice thing about the weather being rainy and cold is it makes a great time to stay indoors and dye wool!! I brought out the pots, heated up the stove top, mixed the colors, watched, stirred, rinsed, dried, and presto....beautiful dyed wool!!! There is just nothing like fresh dyed wool coming out of the dryer!!!
Just a reminder to stop over and visit Quilts by Cheri for day three of the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!! She has a special small quilt pattern to share with you along with a yummy cookie recipe!!

Happy Stitching!!



Maggey and Jim said...

How adorable, and don't the time go so fast.? My oldest grandchild just turned 19 and I am amazed,it flew before my eyes. I love the colors of your wool.Have a great weekend..

Carol said...

Happy! Happy November!