Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it really NOVEMBER??

Everyone knows that it is November 3rd today and that it's fall....but today here in Oregon we had a high temperature of 70 degrees in town and 74 degrees an hour south in Salem!! 

 Jeff is on vacation the next two weeks...
we are having a stay-cation here at home. 
We had a nice day being out & about doing errands in the sunshine and seeing the beauty of the fall foliage!!!

No pictures to show....I actually dropped my camera on the concrete garage floor the other day.... so one of our errands was looking for a new one!! A person just cannot go without a camera for very long when you have a blog to keep up with and 5 beautiful grandchildren!!!
I am actually charging the new one right now....can't wait to try it out!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a day of dying wool here at Wooden Spool Designs!!! Another day full of COLOR!!!

The puppies are doing great....growing like crazy and so busy!!

Hope you are all having a good week....stay tuned for pictures later this week!!!


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to see the pictures with the new camera

Carol said...

I can't believe it's November...think I totally missed a month or 2 this year...LOL!
Enjoy your time with Jeff! Have so much fun with the dye pots! Wish I lived closer...

quiltdolls said...

you should be in san diego it was 92 yesterday on the coast. last 2 days have set records for hottest days ever in november