Monday, April 5, 2010


It took me awhile to find pictures of my BOYS ONLY!!!
 So many PINK pictures and stories of my GIRLS seem to always fill my today I just have to give some credit to the men in my life!!! I am truly   blessed to have such wonderful, faithful, godly, helpful, funny, and hardworking men around me!!!

Of course it goes without saying that I love my husband!! As long as I have known Jeff he has never left for work complaining about going....he goes, works hard, and is always happy when he gets home!!! He fills my car with gas, waits in lines for me.....and goes last in line when it comes to choosing anything. He does laundry, dishes, works my shows, refills the toilet paper roll, vacumes, mows the yard, plants flowers for me, builds me fires and the list goes on!!
Thanks for working so hard for us Jeff...I love you so much!!

Daniel my son is such a joy in my life!!
  The day he arrived and I was screaming it's a BOY!!! (I grew up with all girls)
When he was a little boy he used to say to me "mommy...when you get old I am going to take you to church and come mow your yard"!!
He is a hard worker like his dad....can fix most anything.....gave me my first grandchild, loves his wife and today he is working on fixing my headlight for me!!!
Thanks Daniel for always finding to time to help me out with your busy schedule and family!!
 I love you!!
I prayed and prayed for a wonderful son in law and it seemed like it took forever for God to answer that prayer .....but He sure did and it was worth the wait!!! I know that those of you with son in laws might debate my next comment...but Ivo is the BEST son in law in the world!!!!
 He also is a hard worker, is very smart with his finances,
 loves my daughter and gave me THREE beautiful granddaughters.....

and he is GREAT with computer stuff!!! Ivo has just spent the last month or more working on redoing my website and today has it up and running!!!
Check it out!!!!

and did I mention that they all love baseball and ice cream!!!????

If you have special men in your life take time to let them know it!!!


Rejchrts said...

What a great group of guys.....we are sure some lucky girls to have guys like them in our lives!

Anonymous said...

YOu are blessed indeed!

The Michigonians said...

Thanks for sharing your men with us. I'll put my hubby in their category as well. They are the bestest, aren't they!!!!